The Eight Seasons Of Business

The Eight Seasons Of Business

I've talked a lot over the years about living and working in seasons.

About how some seasons are for rest, some are for experimenting, some are for staying the course, and others are for intentional hustle too. I'm a big believer in navigating the seasons of our lives with as much intention as we can, in leaning into our natural ebbs and flows and working with ourselves instead of against ourselves in this journey.

And after five years now of running my business and supporting hundreds of clients in theirs too I've seen over and and over again that there are specific types of seasons of business that we all can experience along the way.

Because business isn't linear.

It's messy and complicated and pretty wonderful at times too, but the more intentional we can be with the season that we're in the better we can support ourselves to thrive along the way too.

So let's dive into the eight season of business...

Behind The Scenes Of My Mini Brand Refresh

Behind The Scenes Of My Mini Brand Refresh

At the beginning of this year I realised that I couldn’t remember the last time I had given my website any TLC, and although it wasn’t technically causing any problems for my business I knew that it was time to refocus some of my energy back into my digital home.

And if you take a little look around you’ll see that things are looking a tiny bit different around here - nothing’s changed all that much, but a few tweaks here and there have left me feeling excited about this website again instead of it just feeling like an afterthought.

I’ve never invested in outside branding and website design, mostly because I really do enjoy doing this type of thing myself, and also because I’m a little bit of a control freak and it just doesn’t feel like an investment I want to make in my business right now either.

But there was one area of my branding where I was in need of some outside help and that’s why I booked in a shoot with the incredibly talented Sophie Carefull so that I could finally stop using the same old photo over and over again and actually show up and share a little more of myself online.

Sophie booked me for coaching a few years ago now and I fell in love with her work so I always knew when the time was right she would be the person I would choose.

I am oh so shy behind the camera but Sophie put me completely as ease and I can’t tell you how happy I am with the finished result. As soon as Sophie sent me the final set of photos over email I was itching to update my site, but I had a few decisions to make first.

So next on my list was to create a little branding moodboard, which I’ve shared above. I decided to keep my current colour palette and fonts, mostly because they still feel like a good fit for me and also because changing them would turn this mini brand refresh into a much bigger job. But I did give my logo a little refresh to something that felt a little more like me, and I pulled over some of my recent photos from Instagram so that I could see how my current visual style blended with the photos from Sophie too.

What I was left with is a little visual guide that I can refer back to whenever I need to reconnect to this side of my business, and it was also just such a great feeling to feel so settled in my visual style in this season of my work too.

The visual side of my business has never been in my comfort zone. My writing, my ideas, and my approach is always where I’ve felt most at home and the visual side has been something I’ve slowly developed and found my feet in over time. So to finally be at a place where I feel super settled feels so good.

If you’re itching to DIY a little brand refresh for yourself right now too here are the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years:

Good Enough Can Come Later

Good Enough Can Come Later

There’s a collection of short stories that I’m itching to write this year.

I have them outlined, their worlds slowly coming to life in my mind.

But I can so easily get in my own way when it comes to personal creative projects, especially where writing is concerned.

Because what if they’re terrible?

What if I don’t have the skills to craft a story and bring a new world to life through my imagination?

Over and over again I ask myself these unhelpful questions and bringing these stories of mine to life inches further and further away.

So this past week I’ve been reminding myself of something that I held onto when I first started my business: good enough can come later.

I remind my clients of this often too.

When they’re starting a new blog, exploring a new creative craft, or maybe launching a new service or offering in their business.

Because good enough can only come if we get stuck in and do the work to actually become awesome at what we do.

That’s why working with beta clients, investing in further learning, and having introductory pricing can be so valuable when we’re first getting started in our business.

Because if we sit around and wait to be good enough we’ll never actually get there.