Make It Happen Podcast: Why You Don't Want A Workshop, Course, Coach, Or Book To Tell You How To Run Your Business


It’s podcast day!

There's a whole lot of noise out there telling us how to build and run our business. But after four years of running my own business and supporting hundreds of my coaching clients in theirs too, I've learned over and over again that nobody knows what our business needs better than we do. And when we look to others to tell us what to do, we can usually find ourselves getting a little lost and disconnected from our business along the way.

So in today's episode I'm sharing why we shouldn't want a workshop, course, coach, or book to tell us how to run our business, and instead why they should be a catalyst for our own discovery and exploration in our work. Because when we look for someone else to tell us what to do, we outsource the leadership of our business and the only person who can ever truly lead it is ourselves.

If you ever feel like you’ve been listening to all of the noise but you’re not feeling any closer to where you want to be in your work, this is the episode for you. My biggest hope is that today’s episode can encourage you to know that you are the expert of your own business, and that you are oh so capable of moving it forward every step of the way too.

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I hope you enjoy today’s episode!

I’m rooting for you always!

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