Make It Happen Podcast: Why I Believe In A Slow & Steady Approach To Business


Season 8 of Make It Happen is here!

It’s been a while, right? After launching this podcast almost four years ago now, I’m still continuing to discover and define my vision for this show. What I’m learning is that I just have to completely follow my instincts when it comes to this podcast, to give myself permission to do whatever it is I want to do with it each season.

Sometimes that looks like interviews, sometimes that looks like mini episodes I drop all at once, sometimes it looks like no episodes at all for a while, and right now it looks like a 5-part mini series sharing some encouragement and pep talks with you before we wrap up the year.

What I’m trying to say is, thank you. For sticking with me, with the show, for coming along for the ride, and being here even after I’ve taken months off from sharing a single episode. I have no idea what the future holds for Make It Happen, but what I do know for sure is that as and when I do create episodes I want them to be for a reason, I want to enjoy creating them, and more than anything I just want them to be a way for me to encourage and support you in your journey along the way.

So for the first episode of Season 8 I’m digging into why I believe in a slow and steady approach to business.

As I share in the episode, I recently crossed over into six figures in my business. And after four years now of taking a very slow and steady approach to my business, what I am most happy about is that I’ve been able to reach that milestone while also being able to work less, live more, and find more fulfilment and joy in my business and life too.

I don’t believe that we should sacrifice ourselves in the pursuit of success, and I don’t believe that fast and furious is the very best way to build a business either. So in this episode I dive into why slower is sometimes better when it comes to business growth, why I believe it’s just as important to thrive in our life as it is to thrive in our work, and why the journey is always way more important than the destination we’re trying to reach.

For the next five weeks I will be sharing a brand new episode with you each Wednesday all about building an impactful, fulfilling, and sustainable creative life, and I am so excited to be able to connect with you through this podcast again.

If you’re not already you can subscribe through Apple Podcasts, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on today’s episode - we can carry on the conversation over on Instagram and I’d love to connect with you there!

I hope you enjoy today’s episode!

I’m rooting for you always!

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