You're Allowed To Live Your Life & Run Your Business A Little Differently, If You Want To...

You're Allowed To Live Your Life & Run Your Business A Little Differently, If You Want To...

I had lunch with an internet-friend-turned-real-life-friend a few weeks back.

I'd recently sent out a Weekly Letter sharing why I'm not focusing on increasing my income right now in my business, and she asked why I didn't include actual figures in the email.

The truth was, that email was all about not comparing our own financial goals to anyone else's and I didn't see the point in sharing another number for anyone to measure themselves against. 

Though, as anyone in my real life will tell you, I'm a complete open book so I told her my number and she was a little shocked.

Why, I asked?

She shared that she just guessed it would be around half that amount, considering how honest I am about how much time I take off each year and how I don't work a typical 40 hour workweek. 

And it got me thinking about how much we've really internalised the lie that we have to work every hour under the sun to be able to make a sustainable income in our business. 

Because here's the thing:

Make It Happen Season 7 Is Here!

Make It Happen Season 7 Is Here!

Last year I wrote a book.

A mini book, less than 50 pages long, called Nobody Is Going To Do Your Business (Or Your Life) For You: & Other Stories, which is a collection of essays on the lessons I've learned about bridging the gap between where we are now and where we truly want to be in our creative work and life.

If you're subscribed to my Weekly Letters, you might remember me sharing it with you last November and you might have already read it too. I also recorded an audiobook to accompany it, and for this new season of Make It Happen I'm sharing that audiobook with you in the hopes it can be of some support and encouragement for you in your creative work and life right now. 

You can dive into each episode of this new season of the show below, and you can subscribe to the show and listen along through iTunes this way too. 

Five Lessons I've Learned From Four Years Of Being Booked Out With Crazy-Awesome Clients

Five Lessons I've Learned From Four Years Of Being Booked Out With Crazy-Awesome Clients

A couple of weeks ago I booked my very last six month coaching spot for the year, which means I'm now fully booked for the next seven months ahead in my business.

It feels a little crazy to write this down - it's taken a little while for it to sink in, and the gratitude I feel for the fact that I continue to be able to make a sustainable living from doing awesome work with such incredible creative humans is more than I know how to put into words.

As service based creative business owners, being "booked out" can be talked about like this elusive status that defines your success as a business owner. There are so many articles, courses, and classes out there teaching you formulas and strategies for filling up your client schedule that it can be a little overwhelming, because in reality being "booked out" isn't actually the goal - doing awesome work with the people you're here to serve and running a business that is financially thriving and sustainable is. Being booked out can just help facilitate that.

Here's why I like to book up my client schedule in advance:

No more feast and famine

Booking clients in advance means that you can break out of the feast and famine cycle in your business - you're no longer living month to month because you're booking out client projects in your schedule, taking payments in advance, and you're able to project and manage your income with more clarity and ease along the way.

More control over your time and schedule

Booking and planning your client work in advance means that you can take a more birds-eye view of your schedule - you can book out work in advance in your calendar, build in time to rest and take a break, and just feel more in control of your workload moving forward.

Peace of mind

More than anything, booking clients in advance can just give you a whole lot of peace of mind and ease that anxiety that we can navigate as business owners - you know that you have work booked in for the foreseeable future, you know that you have enough interest in your services, and you can focus more on doing the work than worrying about where the next client is coming from too.

This is now my fourth year of running my coaching business and my fourth year of being booked out in advance, so I want to share with you today the biggest lessons I've learned along the way in the hopes of them being of some encouragement and insight for you in your own journey too.