Good Enough Can Come Later


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There’s a collection of short stories that I’m itching to write this year.

I have them outlined, their worlds slowly coming to life in my mind.

But I can so easily get in my own way when it comes to personal creative projects, especially where writing is concerned.

Because what if they’re terrible?

What if I don’t have the skills to craft a story and bring a new world to life through my imagination?

Over and over again I ask myself these unhelpful questions and bringing these stories of mine to life inches further and further away.

So this past week I’ve been reminding myself of something that I held onto when I first started my business: good enough can come later.

I remind my clients of this often too.

When they’re starting a new blog, exploring a new creative craft, or maybe launching a new service or offering in their business.

Because good enough can only come if we get stuck in and do the work to actually become awesome at what we do.

That’s why working with beta clients, investing in further learning, and having introductory pricing can be so valuable when we’re first getting started in our business.

Because if we sit around and wait to be good enough we’ll never actually get there.

And I know that this has to be true for my own creative projects too. That I just have to write, see what comes to the surface, and enjoy the process every step of the way and worry about making it good enough later.

Because it’s unreasonable to expect ourselves to be good enough straight away, and we shouldn’t skip the essential discovery and growth that comes from being a beginner for a while too.

So I’m sharing all of this with you today just to remind you that good enough is allowed to come later for you too.

Maybe, like me, you’re starting to work on a personal creative project.

Or maybe you’re launching a brand new business or offering from scratch.

Or maybe you’re experimenting with something new in your business, like a podcast or video series.

Because here’s what I know for sure: allowing myself to be a beginner when I started my coaching business five years ago is how I supported myself to get to where I am today, to a place where I feel so focused and confident and settled in my work.

And I trust and hope that allowing myself to be a beginner with this fiction project will be how I support myself to discover and learn how to become good enough at this too.

Because when we don’t allow ourselves to start as a beginner we then don’t hold the space that we need to become awesome at our craft along the way.

So here’s my encouragement for you today: don’t be afraid to not be good enough yet.

If there’s something you’re itching to do in your creative work and life but you’re holding yourself back because you don’t think you’re good enough yet, give yourself permission to be a beginner instead.

Remember that the only way to become good enough is to get stuck in, do the work, and grow in your craft every step of the way.

And as always, I’m rooting for you!

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