Make It Happen Season 7 Is Here!


Last year I wrote a book.

A mini book, less than 50 pages long, called Nobody Is Going To Do Your Business (Or Your Life) For You: & Other Stories, which is a collection of essays on the lessons I've learned about bridging the gap between where we are now and where we truly want to be in our creative work and life.


If you're subscribed to my Weekly Letters, you might remember me sharing it with you last November and you might have already read it too. I also recorded an audiobook to accompany it, and for this new season of Make It Happen I'm sharing that audiobook with you in the hopes it can be of some support and encouragement for you in your creative work and life right now. 

You can dive into each episode of this new season of the show below, and you can subscribe to the show and listen along through iTunes this way too. 

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More than anything, my biggest hope is that on the other side of listening to these episodes you will have a little more clarity, a little more courage, and a little more determination to show up and bring to fruition the creative work and life that you're aching for.

And if you'd like to listen to past seasons of the show you can this way >>

I'll be rooting for you always! 

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