Make It Happen Podcast: Be A Storyteller, Not A Writer with Laura Jane Williams


For the last episode of this season of Make It Happen I'm joined by the awesome and incomparable Laura Jane Williams...

I've been reading Laura's blog for years, and I loved her memoirs Becoming and Ice Cream For Breakfast too, so I was ridiculously excited to have the opportunity to connect with her for this episode. 

We explore what it means to be a storyteller not a writer, her own writing process, taking control of your creative career by thinking of yourself as an entrepreneur and so much more. Laura is one of my favourite people to follow on the internet - she has this wonderful way of just telling the truth about her life and holding space for other women to find their own too.

If you'd like to listen along to our conversation you can below, and you can also find the show notes for this episode this way too.

This sixth season of Make It Happen has been such a joy to bring to life, and I really hope this season has been encouraging, inspiring, and interesting for you to listen along to. I'm currently working on Season 7 which I'm hoping to publish come June and I can't wait to share with you what I've been working on soon. 

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I really hope you enjoy this episode, and you can dive into all past episodes of the show this way too.

I'll be rooting for you always!

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