Resonate & Connect: A Mini Book From Me To You (+ Introducing Writing For Dream Clients)


If you've been reading this blog for a while now, you'll know that I'm a big advocate for writing for our dream clients as creative business owners.

I've been consistently booked out with crazy-awesome clients for the past three years all thanks to my digital content.

By sharing my own stories, ideas, and message through my blog, podcast, Weekly Letters, and mini books I've been able to build meaningful and authentic relationships with potential dream clients every step of the way.

The content I create is also one of the most fulfilling parts of my business too - I find so much clarity, focus, and joy by exploring my ideas and bringing them to life in a blog post, Weekly Letter, mini book or podcast episode, and I've connected with so many incredible humans through the content I share over the years too.

I've taken everything I've learned from my own journey of writing for dream clients, and supporting my clients to do this too, and turned it into a creative class that I'm super excited to share with you today.

Writing For Dream Clients is a six week creative class and community that's here to help you develop a content plan and a writing process that will support you to bring to life blog posts, newsletters, podcast episodes, Instagram captions and more that resonate, connect, and sell.

The class starts on Monday April 2nd and the cart is open from today for anyone who would like to join and you can find out more this way.

One of the resources that I've created to support the students in the class is a brand new mini book, Resonate & Connect: 105 Writing Prompts For Big-Hearted Creatives, and I also want to share it with you today too. It's filled with writing and content prompts for your blog, newsletter, Instagram and Instagram stories, Facebook Lives, YouTube, and podcast too. My hope is that you can use them as a jumping off point to help you bring to life the crazy-awesome content that will help you to connect with your dream clients and customers along the way.

I'm super excited to share Resonate & Connect with you today and if you'd like to dive in you can sign up below and receive access to it straight to your inbox.


You'll also have exclusive access to previous mini books that I've created, and to my Weekly Letters that I send to my community every Sunday. You can find out a little more about these this way.

More than anything, I hope this mini book can play a little part in inspiring and encouraging you to bring to life the crazy-awesome content that's within you. 

As always, I'm rooting for you!