The Secret To Feel-Good Selling As A Creative Business Owner? Write For Your Dream Clients


Nobody wants to feel like a used car salesman in their business.

We don't want to turn to icky, aggressive, and not-so-feel-good marketing techniques to help us build a thriving, booked-out, and sustainable business along the way.

Because we're building relationships with awesome humans, not just finding clients and customers. And we want to feel good about the way we market and sell our services and products, not like we have to hustle for our self worth and compromise our integrity to make our business work and thrive.

And our clients and customers deserve that too - to be treated like the awesome humans that they are, to feel seen and heard and to have a safe space to decide whether or not we feel like a good fit to work with and invest their money in.

And this is where writing for dream clients comes in.

It's not a quick fix, one-size-fits-all, just follow this blueprint solution to building a booked out and thriving business.

But, in my experience so far, it's where the magic can happen in our marketing plan.

Because by speaking directly to our dream clients and customers, by building relationships instead of seeing our clients and customers as just faceless people in a crowd to sell to, and by sharing content that resonates and connects with the people we're here to serve, support, and work with in our business, we're able to build a business that has a consistent stream of enquiries and sales from people who really believe in what we do, who connect with our message and our story, and who are super excited to work with us too.

So how exactly do we write for our dream clients?

First, we've got to know who our dream clients actually are

We've got to know how we're here to serve them, what it is about us and our work that will truly resonate and connect with them, and what it is they're struggling with or looking for right now that we're perfect to help or support them with.

Because it's not enough just to be able to provide the service that they're looking for, a dream client is someone who really gets what we do, who really trusts and believes in our approach and our process, and who really is excited at the possibility of working with us. And a dream client doesn't come in a one-size-fits-all box. Our dream clients will all have different dreams, goals, experiences, and backgrounds, but they will have one thing in common - they'll see themselves in our work, they'll resonate and connect with our message, our stories, our style, and our ideas, and they'll trust that we're the right and best fit for them.

A task for you: write your dream client bucket list.

Think of dreamy clients you've worked with so far, or people or brands that you'd love to work with in the future, and get super specific about who they are and what it is about them that makes them your dream clients. Maybe it's because you really believe in the work they do, or you love their energy and mindset, or you know you can really help them navigate and overcome what they're struggling with right now. Let your dream client bucket list be your jumping off point for your content, and a catalyst for really getting to the heart of who it is you want to be working with along the way in your business.

And then we've got to know what it is we want to share with them

We've got to get to the heart of what stories, ideas, and message we want to share with them, and really bring ourselves and our voice to our content so that everything we create and share feels like a true reflection of ourselves and our work. Because it's not enough just to keep our content schedule ticking over with blog posts and newsletters and Instagram updates and podcast episodes and whatever other awesome content you're bringing to life online. We've got to really say something, to really share stories and ideas that are rooted in our values and beliefs and expertise, and that really represents who we are and the awesome work we're here to do in the world.

I see time and time again with my coaching clients that they have something truly awesome to say and share with their dream clients and customers. Because you've started your business for a reason, because you really believe in something and because you have a perspective and an approach that's unique to you and the work you do. And the magic happens when you say what it is you're here to say, when you hold space for potential dream clients and customers to build a relationship with you as a business owner and human being and discover that you're here to deliver an incredible service or product for them.

A task for you: a 30 minute content planning session

I've created a mini book filled with 105 writing prompts for creative business owners, which you can find out more about and get sent straight to your inbox this way, and hopefully this can be a jumping off point for you to really start to uncover those awesome stories and ideas within you that you can share with your dream clients and customers along the way.

And we've got to be brave enough to really say what it is we want to say

This is the hard part - actually giving ourselves permission to take up space and share our message, our stories, and our ideas online. Because it can be vulnerable and scary and super out of our comfort zone to take up that space and say what it is we want to say - it can take a whole lot of courage to push past that fear and be brave enough to share our ideas, our stories, and our message with the world.

But we can't resonate and connect with our dream clients and customers without taking that brave step forward. If we keep our ideas and stories to ourselves, we're not holding space for our dream clients and customers to discover our work and connect with what we do and how we do it.

So we've got to be brave, we've got to commit to growing and nurturing our content creation muscle and building our confidence so we feel excited and ready to share our stories, ideas, and message with the world.

A task for you: write one scary thing

What's a story or idea that you'd love to share with your dream clients and customers but have been too afraid to write about? Maybe it's an opinion that goes against industry norms, or a story that feels a little vulnerable to share, or you're afraid that no one will care about what it is you want to say. Be brave enough to sit down and write it anyway - there's no pressure to share it if you don't want to, but there's power in getting it out of your head and into something tangible. Maybe you'll feel brave enough to share it, or maybe writing it will be a jumping off point to a piece of content that feels more comfortable for you to share right now. The most important thing is that you create space for yourself to explore your ideas and start to build that content creation muscle one sentence at a time.

To finish...

Your digital content can be an incredible tool for you to connect and build relationships with potential clients and customers along the way. It's a space where you can show up and market yourself and your work in a way that feels good, that feels authentic and human, and that feels enjoyable and fun too. Writing for dream clients isn't a quick fix solution, it won't build you a booked out business overnight, but what it can do is help you build meaningful, long-term, and incredible relationships that leads to a long lasting, high impact, and crazy awesome business.

And if you'd like to dive even deeper into how you can create content that resonates and connects with your dream clients and customers, Writing For Dream Clients may be the perfect fit for you. It's a six week creative class and community and we'll be getting started super soon on April 2nd so if you'd like to find out more and join in you can this way.

I'll be rooting for you always!

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