Why I Choose To Go Deeper, Not Wider, In My Business


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A couple of weeks ago I shared with you that one of my promises to 2018 is to continue to go deeper, not wider, in my business.

For today's Weekly Letter I want to dive a little more into this, share with you why I choose to do this and what it really looks like for me right now, and hopefully hold some space for you to explore what it could look like for you too.

So why do I choose to go deeper, not wider?

The most honest answer I can give you is that it's what my gut and my intuition has always guided me to do. I feel more aligned in my business when I approach it in this way, and I feel more connected to my core purpose, message, and values too. 

And what exactly does it mean to go deeper, not wider?

It's going to look a little different for each of us. But at the heart of it, it looks like focusing on what really matters to you in your business and your work, focusing on the areas where you want to have the most impact, fulfilment, and growth, and choosing not to be distracted by the things that may feel bigger and better but will in reality just distract you from what you really came here to do.

So for me going deeper, not wider looks like prioritising my work with my crazy-awesome coaching clients, honing, growing, and developing my craft as a coach, carving out lots of time to write and bring content to life that I'm proud of, and taking care of myself so that I'm always able to show up as the bravest version of myself in my business and creative life along the way.

As creatives and business owners, it is so easy to get distracted along the way. 

We see someone share a new venture and wonder if we should be switching things up and trying something new.

We read a blog post or listen to a podcast episode that recommends a new style of marketing and start to think that we should be doing that too.

We start to feel a little bored or uninspired in our business and wonder if we should experiment with something new.

And sometimes the answer is yes. We're wired for creativity after all, and sometimes a new project or marketing strategy can do us and our business the world of good. But other times it can also be a big distraction - a shiny penny persuading us to go wider, not deeper, in our business. 

Sometimes the bravest thing we can do as creatives is to stay the course, devote ourselves to our craft and our path, and have the courage to go deeper into our business and our creative journey so we can find more fulfilment, impact, and focus along the way, even if it doesn't look as exciting on the outside as going wider sometimes can.

If this resonates with you, here's my challenge for you today: explore what going deeper, not wider, in your business and creative life could look like for you.

Is it to focus on the projects that truly matter to you?

Is it to devote yourself to a season of honing and developing your craft?

Is it finding the courage to bring to life the creative work you've been dreaming about for years?

Is it finding peace in the journey you're on instead of deferring your happiness until you reach external goals and markers of success?

Is it to dive deeper into your business and commit to building it into what you truly want it to be?

Whatever it is, see if going deeper, not wider, can support you to live a wholehearted, intentional, and impactful life along the way.

As always, I'm rooting for you!

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