10 More Awesome Things My Clients Are Doing In The World Right Now


As you can probably already tell, I really do love my job.

The fact that I get to spend my working hours supporting and encouraging other creative women to dream big, pursue their goals, and make things happen in their creative work and life on their own terms is something I'm so grateful for every single day.

Nothing brings me more joy in my business than seeing my clients be brave and bold with their creativity and their life, when they astonish themselves by realising they were capable of so much more than they thought they were, and when they change their own lives by showing up, choosing more, and giving their work and their life everything they've got along the way.

So for my first post of 2018 I want to share with you some of the crazy-awesome things some of my clients are doing in the world right now - and if you'd like to catch up with some previous posts highlighting the incredible work my clients are doing in the world you can here, here, and here.

1. Fiona Barrows

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Fiona is a brand storyteller who currently lives in Frome, Somerset who is building for herself such a thoughtful, big-hearted, and crazy-awesome business and I'm so excited to see what's ahead for her in 2018. We've been working together for over a year now and I'm forever inspired by Fiona and how brave she is with her life - she left a stable career and a life in London to travel solo around Asia for a year and then settled in Bali for a while and started to build her freelance copywriting business. She then travelled again to Italy to spend nine months living and working at a sustainable community and farm, and now she's back home in the UK and has recently launched her beautiful new website for her brand storytelling business. She also has a very exciting podcast project coming this year too and I really recommend checking out her work if you're looking for someone to help you tell your brand story in a meaningful way or you just want to be inspired by a creative living their life on their own terms. 

2. Naomi Bulger of Naomi Loves

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I connected with Naomi a few months ago for a Laser-Focused Session and I was so so inspired by her work and her message of building a creative life that is slow, creative, and personal. Naomi is a writer and illustrator and has some fantastic content and products around the art of letter writing, downloadable colouring books, and illustration services too. Her mission is to help busy people rediscover their creativity and forge more meaningful connections and I think the work she's doing in the world is just incredible. Prepare to be inspired to create and connect when you visit her site!

3. Lallu Nykopp of Essentially Lallu

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Lallu is such a wonderful, big-hearted, and awesome human being - I always end our calls feeling so inspired by the courage and energy she brings to her creative work and business. Last year she launched Essentially Lallu, her new website where she offers blogging and brand mentoring to help creatives brand themselves intentionally online. She's created some incredible content already in just a few short months of being live and I'm so excited to continue our work together this year and see all the incredible things she's going to bring to life. If you're looking for guidance with your brand mentoring that is focused on helping you and your business thrive, she's the girl for you.

4. Freya Dowson

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Freya is an international editorial documentary photographer and her work is so beautiful and inspires me oh so much. Last year she took the leap and went full time freelance and it's so exciting to see her pursue her dream career. She also has a beautiful blog that I read straight away whenever she uploads a new post, she shares both her life on the road as a travelling photographer and her life at home in London too. I really recommend following along with her adventures and work on Instagram too!

5. Kimberley Espinel of The Little Plantation

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Kimberly and I have recently started our work together and I fell in love with her work and her photography from my first ever visit to her website. Kimberly is a food photographer and stylist and blogs about plant based eating - and she also offers Instagram coaching too! Her blog is filled with such beautiful and helpful content - if you're interested in plant based eating or would love some guidance and support with food photography and Instagram, I think you're going to love her work.

6. Vanessa Dennett of The Simpson Sisters


Vanessa is the writer behind The Simpson Sisters, a blog all about gently encouraging and enabling creativity and contentment. She creates beautiful content for her blog and runs and hosts some incredible creative workshops too. She also owns The Oak Tree Barn, a beautiful venue for creative workshops, meetings, and photoshoots. Just like her mission statement suggests, she has such a gentle and encouraging approach when it comes to creativity and has created such a beautiful space to share with other creatives through her barn too. She's also a really lovely human and such a joy to work with - I'm very excited to see what wonderful creative encouragement she continues to share with the world this year and beyond!

7. Lucy Pearson of The Literary Edit

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 14.40.26.png

Lucy is a girl after my own heart - a book lover, a traveller, and a writer too. She's currently a brit living in Australia and has recently rebranded to The Literary Edit, a website for all things bookish and travel with a stylish twist. She shares both inspirational and informative literary content, and personal life updates too. If you're a book lover, I think you're going to adore her work and she has so much incredible content for you to dive into and enjoy.

8. Dionne Elizabeth


I've shared Dionne's awesome work with you in the past and she is someone I am so grateful to have got to know over the past year and whose work and creative energy inspires me so much. Dionne does a whole lot of awesome work in the world - she's a coach, a writer, a DJ, she hosts yoga and movement events and retreats, and has an incredible message and voice when it comes to self-care, doing you, and creating an inspired life. She has recently launched a podcast which is incredible - her energy, message, and vibe are such a joy to listen to and I really recommend checking it out and enjoying the awesome work she's sharing with the world right now.

9. Lucy Lucraft of Wanderluce

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Lucy is a journalist, blogger, and coach and she's the host of the awesome podcast, What She Said, which if you're not listening to already I think you're going to love. Lucy interviews women in the blogging and digital world and talks all things creativity, blogging, and she digs into the real story behind people's success. She also has a wonderful blog where she shares travel content, creativity advice, and also behind the scenes from her life as a mother too. And I was very excited when she asked me to be a guest on the next season of her podcast too which will be going live later this month, so if you'd like to listen along to our episode look out for that soon too!

10. Kayte Ferris of Simple and Season

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Kayte, who is a marketing mentor and blogger based in Wales, is someone I've also talked about here before and we had so much fun working together last year and it was incredible to walk with her in her journey of launching her business and seeing her really show up and bring her dream creative career to life. She recently launched Out Of The Woods, workshops for creatives in some really beautiful locations to help them find clarity with their business and bounce ideas off of other creatives who are right there with them working hard to pursue their creative goals and dreams. Kayte is doing some amazing work in the world and if you're not already following along I think you will love diving into her content and resources.

To finish...

My biggest hope when sharing these type of posts is not only just to celebrate my clients and the incredible work they're doing, but to also hopefully encourage you to know that you're not alone in the pursuit of your big creative hopes and dreams. There are other creatives just like you out there showing up each day and slowly but surely taking small and meaningful steps towards the creative work and life they're aching for. And if they can do it, it means you can do it too.

And if you're curious about working together, you can read some client stories here and find out more about my six month coaching program here (and my Laser-Focused sessions here too) - I'd love to support you in your creative work and life if working together feels like a good fit for you.

As always, I'm rooting for you!

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