10 Narrated Weekly Letters From Me To You

I’ve been sending Weekly Letters to my email community since January 2015 now - that’s over 100 emails and it’s without a doubt one of my favourite things that I create and share through my business online. 

Weekly Letters are where I share personal insights, words of motivation, and lessons I'm learning along the way in my creative journey so far. Weekly Letters are where we can hang out together and is my space to be a little more vulnerable, a little more open, and a little more in-depth with the insights and advice that I share. 

I’ve recorded 10 of my favourite Letters from the past few months to share with you today, in the hopes that they can be some audio inspiration and encouragement for you next time you may be feeling a little lost, uninspired, or overwhelmed in your creative work and life. 

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1. Sometimes we don’t need what we think we need to make change 

Originally sent on 18th September 2016

2. Embracing the “and” in your creative life

Originally sent on 23rd October 2016

3. How are you responding to your biggest business frustrations?

Originally sent on November 20th 2016

4. Breadcrumbs (or things to remind yourself of each day)

Originally sent on January 22nd 2017

5. In a perfect world, what would your creative life look like?

Originally sent on March 5th 2017

6. Dream client bucket list

Originally sent on March 19th 2017

7. So you want to share “authentic” content? Here are five questions to ask yourself...

Originally sent on April 2nd 2017

8. Everything is a choice

Originally sent on April 30th 2017

9. What you want vs what you give

Originally sent on May 28th 2017

10. What you can & can’t control

Originally sent on June 11th 2017

I hope you enjoy these!

As always, I'm rooting for you!

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