Writing For Dream Clients: Five Exercises For Big-Hearted Creatives

On a recent coaching call with a client, we were talking about how easy it is to fall into the trap of writing for our peers and ourselves instead of intentionally writing to our dream clients. Although so much magic can happen when we create the type of content we ourselves would really like to read, if we want to utilise our digital space as a place to connect with the people we’d like to serve through our business, getting as intentional and focused as possible can make all the difference.

This topic comes up time and time again with my coaching clients. We’re always exploring together how to create content (whether it’s blog posts, podcasts, videos, newsletters, or even just Instagram captions) that truly resonates and connects with their dream clients and customers along the way. A homework task I often set them is a five-part content creation exercise with writing prompts to help them carve out some space to really bring to life pieces of content that speaks directly to the people they’re aching to work with. I put this together into a free email course over a year ago now and I want to share it again with you today in the hopes it can support you to create big-hearted content that helps you connect with your dreamiest of dream clients along the way. 

1. Think of 5 dream clients you’ve worked with and plan a piece of content for each that you know would speak directly to them.

You know those clients where it’s just the perfect fit? They totally get what your area of genius is, and they’re super passionate about what it is they’re asking you to help them do. Maybe you have deep and meaningful conversations that leave you both energised and inspired (those are my personal favourite) or maybe they give you the space to really just get down to work and do what you do best. These are the clients who light up your soul and remind you why you decided to pursue this creative path in the first place. 

Write down 5 of them. 

And then think of what truly matters to them; what are the conversations you had together that really resonated with you both? What areas related to your industry and expertise are they most passionate about? If you could go back before you started working together - with all the knowledge you have now after working together - and write something that would 100% speak to them, what would it be?

Because if those dreamy clients of yours already exist, that means there are more people out there waiting to discover that you’re the coach/photographer/designer for them. 

And the best thing about writing with past dreamy clients in mind? We lose the fear that what we’re saying doesn’t matter, that it won’t connect or resonate with anyone, because we already have proof that it will.

2. Think of 5 things your current and past dream clients have said about their time working with you and plan a piece of content that would highlight each.

This second exercise starts with some reflection.

Think back over your current and past clients who have been dreamy to work with. What words, phrases, and takeaways have they shared with you when it comes to their experience of working together? How have they explained and defined how working with you was such a dreamy experience for them too? 

For this exercise, what we’re trying to figure out is what makes you an awesome fit for those dreamy clients you’re aching to work with. 

Write down 5 things they’ve said. Maybe it’s how you made them feel. Maybe it’s about the final product. Maybe it’s about their transformation while working with you. Maybe it’s all about the experience you deliver.

Plan out a content idea for each takeaway that will highlight to new potential dream clients what it really would be like to work with you

For example, maybe you’re a health coach whose clients have shared that when working with you they stop obsessing about their weight and instead find peace with food and confidence in their body. They share that this was the biggest takeaway from them; a whole new perspective around food and body image.

A piece of content you can create to highlight this aspect of your work could be to talk about why you believe finding peace with food, instead of focusing on weight change, is the key to body confidence in the long run.

Whatever it is, spend some time playing around with ideas and the ways you can share how it is the work you do can truly deliver for those dream clients along the way.

And a tip from me? Keep it creative. A post on “10 Ways My Coaching Services Will Change Your Life” will probably resonate much less than a post specifically going into the mindset, methodologies, and ideas that shape the work you do. Effectively writing for dream clients always starts with shifting the focus from our needs to how best we can be of service to our clients.

3. Write down 5 things your dream clients are struggling with/interested in and plan a piece of content for each.

This writing exercise is always a great jumping off point for cornerstone pieces of content that get the attention of your dream clients and resonates and connects with them along the way.

What are 5 things your dream clients are struggling with/interested in right now in relation to your industry and the work you do?

The reason there’s the option for both struggling with and interested in is that, depending on your industry, services, and approach to content marketing, either or both may be the best jumping off point for you.

If your services tackle a pain point - maybe you’re a coach, or a copywriter, or a branding expert - your content can be a great to way to show your dream clients that you have what it takes to help them move forward and tackle what’s holding them back along the way.

If your services are more of an answer to a want or need - maybe you’re a wedding photographer, an illustrator, or a florist - a strong content approach for you may be to start a conversation and share ideas around the topics that interest your dream clients the most.

Outline 5 core topics and plan an engaging piece of content for each.

The trick here is to use your voice; anyone can create a piece of content around core pain points and interests of dream clients in your industry, but it’s when you use your voice, your vision, and your own message that the content really stands out and resonates with the right people for you.

4. Think of 5 things that are holding your dream clients back from working with you and plan a piece of content for each that would give them space to work through them.

Even the dreamiest of clients have reasons holding them back from taking the leap into working with you.

It’s our job to understand those reasons, respect them, and create the space for our dream clients to work through them and see if moving forward is the best next step for them.

Your first job here is to outline and understand what it is that holds your dream clients back from working with you. Pay attention to what past clients have said about their journey to hiring you - did they share what they had to work through to get to that point?

For some clients it’s money. For others it’s the fear that they’re not capable of change. For others they struggle to think they’re worth the investment in themselves. For some it’s an overwhelming amount of choice. And for some it’s the fear that the person they’re hiring may disappoint and not deliver. 

Take the time to really understand your clients and your industry, and outline some key things that may be holding them back so far.

Then plan a piece of content for each that gives your dream clients the space to explore and work through it.

A tip from me? Think a little outside of the box here. If it’s a more simple issue like they’re afraid they’re not capable of making meaningful change through your services, you can create content that builds their confidence and show how it’s capable for them. But if the issue is that there’s an abundance of choice, or they’re nervous about the investment, one of the most effective things you can do is truly just show what you stand for and what it is you do best - with no pressure or strings attached. 

5. Write down a bucket list of 5 dream clients and plan a piece of content that would resonate and connect with each.

Do you have a dream client bucket list yet? If not, it’s time to write one.

Write a list of 5 people you would love to work with. Five people who you know, deep down in your gut, that you could do some seriously game changing work with. Maybe they’re a member of your online community. Maybe you’re a member of theirs. These are the people that you’re aching to have an impact with through your services, products, and ideas.

Plan a piece of content for each dream client that you think with resonate and connect with them. Think about how you can share your message, your view point, and your work in a way that will connect with them on a deeper level. When you have a specific person in mind, that’s when you can really start to hone in on content that connects. 

And do you want to know something awesome? From the dream client bucket lists that I've kept in mind as I've shown up and created and shared content online, 7 have signed up to work with me over the past 2 years. Completely out of the blue, with absolutely no outreach on my part - and it reminds me every single time how powerful a tool the dream client bucket list can be. 

Writing for your dream clients really can work when you’re intentional, authentic, and purposeful along the way. So give yourself permission to write that bucket list and put out into the world the type of work, ideas, and mindsets you want to attract. 

To finish...

Here's to creating content that resonates, connects, and sells - and feeling fulfilled and creatively energised by the process too. You already have everything in you that you need to create impactful and effective content: you have your message, your vision, and your ideas. All you need to do is find the clarity, confidence, and structure you need to move forward and bring them to life.

I'm rooting for you!

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