20 Podcast Episodes To Listen To If You’re Ready To Make Big & Beautiful Things Happen With Your Work & Your Life

Season 2 of my podcast, Make It Happen, has just come to an end and I am crazy proud of this body of work. So much of it has felt like a collaboration too with the awesome guests who have come on the show this season, and I also experimented with solo mini episodes each week which were an absolute joy to create.

The main reason I work on this show is to create the space to share ideas, stories, and insights into the realities of making things happen in our creative life - from the nitty gritty business side of things, to the messy and personal side too. An overarching theme this season was living, creating, and doing business with intention, and it was so interesting to see how that manifests differently for every guest on the show. 

Make It Happen will be back with Season 3 in the summer, but before then here are all the episodes from this season for you to catch up with: 

1. A Year To Savour & A Year To Curate with Caroline Winegeart of Made Vibrant

For the first episode of S2 I was joined by Caroline Winegeart and we had an awesome chat about how our personality types affects our approach to business, the importance of rest and boundaries in our work and our life, and why she chose Savour as her word for 2015 and Curate as her word for 2016. If you’re aching to put more of you into your business, this is the episode for you. 

2. Building An Effective & Fulfilling Routine As A Creative 

For the first mini episode of S2, I shared my own experience of struggling to balance everything and the steps I've taken to build an effective and fulfilling routine that doesn't lead to burnout, overwhelm, and stress. For anyone else struggling to balance all their adventures, this is the episode for you.

3. Mindful Budgetting & Choosing Your Own Creative Adventure with Cait Flanders of Blonde On A Budget

For this episode I was joined by Cait Flanders and we talked all about her journey to getting out of debt, how Cait’s blog has influenced my own approach to budgeting, Cait’s thoughts on choosing our own financial adventure, and how we manage our finances as creative business owners. If money is causing you anxiety in your journey, or if you just love all things personal finance, this is the episode for you. 

4. Listening To Your Gut & Ignoring The Noise Online

In this mini episode I shared the advice, encouragement, and insights that I work through with my coaching clients when they're struggling with listening to their gut and ignoring the noise online. If you're struggling to listen to your intuition and if you're fed up of feeling like you have to compromise your own vision and values along the way in your creative journey, this episode is for you.

5. Building A Business & Lifestyle Of Soul & Success with Ashley Beaudin on Fire + Wind Co.

For this episode I was joined by Ashley Beaudin and we talked all about building a business and lifestyle of soul and success, the stories we tell ourselves that keep us playing small, and embracing your sensitivity as a business owner. If you’re a big-hearted creative, this is the episode for you. 

6. Facing Money Fears & Financial Uncertainty In Your Creative Work & Life

In this mini episode I dig into a topic that comes up a lot in both my own journey and the conversations I have with my coaching clients each week too. That topic is money, and more specifically the fears and uncertainty we face as creatives when we're in charge of making our own living along the way. I share with you how I face those money fears and move past them, in the hopes that it can be a jumping off point for you to do the same.

7. Defining Success On Your Own Terms with Jen & Danielle of She Percolates

In this episode I was joined by Jen & Danielle of She Percolates to talk about how they’re defining success in this season of their lives, how our personal definitions of success change over time, and some of our thoughts on podcasting too. If you’re struggling to define success in a way that feels good to you, this is the episode for you. 

8. Three Questions To Fuel & Direct Your Content Planning Process

In this mini episode I share with you three questions that I walk my clients through when they’re struggling with their content creation process. I’m a big believer in being intentional and purposeful when we show up and share ideas online, and this episode is for you if you’d like to explore some steps to help you do exactly that.

9. Authentic Marketing & Being A Rebellious Creative with Violeta Nedkova

In this episode, Violeta and I talk about the importance of community, our views on authentic marketing as creatives, Violeta’s approach to being a creative rebel, and why we believe in knowing our personality and utilising it in our business. If you’re ready to do business on your own terms, this is the episode for you. 

10. What Are You Living Your Creative Life In Response To?

In this episode I explore the different ways we can live our creative life in response to things that cannot serve us best along the way. If you’re aching to move past fear, criticism, or the influence of others in your journey, this is the episode for you. 

11. Creative Friendships & Marketing Yourself As A Visual Creative with Asia Croson & Paige Poppe of Space To Face

In this episode of Make It Happen I was joined by a returning guest from S1, Asia Croson, and her business partner over at the Space To Face podcast, Paige Poppe. We have a really great chat about creative friendships, marketing yourself as a visual creative, and trusting the journey as creative business owners, and was one of my personal favourites to record this season. 

12. The Mountain Climbing Phase In Your Creative Journey

In this mini episode of Make It Happen I share my best advice for anyone currently trying to climb the first mountain in their creative journey. If this journey is feeling daunting and overwhelming along the way, this is the episode for you.

13. Instagram, Putting Yourself Out There, & Balancing Motherhood with Sara Tasker of Me & Orla

In this episode of Make It Happen I was joined by Sara Tasker of Me & Orla, a writer, photographer, blogger, and Instagram coach. We talked about her story and journey so far, her best advice for utilising Instagram as a platform, her approach to putting herself out there, and what she’s learning about balancing motherhood alongside her creative career.

14. Three Questions To Help You Find Focus With Your Creative Work

In this episode of Make It Happen I shared three simple questions to help you find more clarity, focus, and direction with your creative work and business. If you’re struggling to stay focused on what matters most so you can get the results you want, this is the episode for you.

15. Evolving With Your Personal Brand & Work vs. Rest with Esteé Lalonde

In this episode of Make It Happen I was joined by YouTuber, blogger, & soon-to-be author Estée Lalonde. We talk about the evolution of her personal brand, her rebrand last year, and her approach to work/life balance and creativity.

16. Let’s Talk About Imposter Syndrome

In this mini episode of Make It Happen I explored how imposter syndrome can affect us as creatives. I digged into some ideas for how to move past it if it’s holding you back in your creative journey, and I shared some personal insights too. If you’re struggling with feeling like a fraud in your creative work, this is the episode for you.

17. When Your Personal Life Affects Your Work & Listening To Yourself As A Creative with Trista Dedmon

In this episode I was joined by one of my favourite people on the internet, Trista Dedmon. We talked about our experiences of when our personal life affects our business, our thoughts on guilt free rest, and why we’re choosing to be quieter in the digital space.

18. Productive Hustle vs. Unproductive Hustle

In this mini episode I explored the differences between productive hustle and unproductive hustle when we’re working hard to make things happen with our creative work. If you’re ready to work smarter, not harder, this is the episode for you. 

19. The Journey Of Making Things Happen & Owning Your Creative Process with Kayla Hollatz

For the last interview of Season 2 I was joined by a returning guest from Season 1, Kayla Hollatz, to talk about her creative journey since then, going full time with her business, our thoughts on coaching and why we chose this career path, and our thoughts on embracing our creative process too. Kayla also shared with us what’s next for her own business and community too. 

20. Embracing A Season Of Enough In Your Creative Life

For the last mini episode of Season 2 I share some thoughts on what it means to embrace a season of enough in your creative life, and why this can be such a powerful season in our journey. If you’re aching to slow down and embrace more joy in your journey, this is the episode for you. 

Hope you enjoy!

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