10 Things To Read & Listen To If You’re Aching For More Joy & Fulfilment In Your Routine As A Creative Business Owner

If your daily grind isn’t feeling so dreamy right now, I have 10 things for you to read and listen to today that will hopefully inspire, encourage, and support you to move forward to a more joyful and fulfilling routine in your business. 

1. 21 Mantras For People Who Are Ridiculously, Painfully, Excruciatingly Overwhelmed by Alexandra Franzen

If overwhelm is taking over in your business and clouding your ability to find the joy, this is the post for you. I go back to this post over and over again whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed by my work and my life - it encourages me to slow down, breath, and navigate that season with grace instead of frustration. 

2. Fuel Your Hustle with Amy Kuretsky on Being Boss

If you’re not feeling 100% in your health, or you’re struggling to prioritise your work and your wellbeing, this is a must listen for you. I love Amy's perspective in this episode about the difference between health care and self care, and this episode is a great way to carve out some time to check in with yourself and how you're feeling right now in your body and your mind. 

3. How To Take Care Of Yourself Like A Boss on Being Boss

If you’d love to hear two kick-ass business owners musing on how to take care of yourself in your business, head over and listen to this episode. There are so many different ways we can build self-care into our routines, in this episode Kathleen and Emily explore various different ways we can show up for ourselves and it's a great reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all way to take care of ourselves as creative business owners. 

4. Fulfilling Your Soul In A Different Way & Imposter Syndrome with Jasmine Star on The Lively Show

If you’re aching to find inspiration and fulfilment in your creative journey, even if you’re many years into running your creative business, this podcast episode is for you. I love how honest and open Jasmine was in this interview, and it's a great reminder that there is always more to our creative lives than just the work we do to pay the bills. 

5. Turn Your Day Around & How To Say No with Alexandra Franzen on The Lively Show

If you’re fed up of not getting the most out of your days, and if you’re struggling to say no with grace, head on over and listen to Alexandra on The Lively Show. Alexandra Franzen is probably my favourite writer on the internet, and I loved this episode and the insights she shared into how she makes the most of her days along the way.

6. The Effortless Everyday by Katie Lee

If you want to dive deep into a process that will help you make your everyday more effortless, this is the book for you. I adore this book by Katie Lee - it's thoughtful, engaging, and oh so helpful too. She has a process that is so easy to follow and she has some great insights into how to lead more joyful and fulfilling lives along the way. 

7. My Year Of Saying Yes To Everything by Shonda Rhimes

If you’ve lost the joy in your creative work, and you’ve forgotten the magic of just letting yourself rest and play, go and watch this Ted Talk straight away. Shonda Rhimes is one of my creative heroes, and in this talk she shares some honest truths around the dangers of being a "workaholic" and losing touch with our lives and ourselves in the process. I've watched this talk so many times now and I couldn't recommend it enough to any creative person out there in the world giving their all to their work but also wanting to give their all to their lives too. 

8. “Ding, Ding, Ding! You Can Have Fun Now!” <—The Universe Is Never Going to Send You This Email, Yo by The Middle Finger Project

If you’re struggling to give yourself permission to make your business work for you, instead of the other way around, head over and read this blog post. Giving myself permission this year to truly make my business work for me and the life I want to be living has been revolutionary - and there were so many mindset blocks I had to break through to get to this point. This blog post is the perfect encouragement for bending your business to your own needs, instead of letting it own you and all of your time along the way.

9. The Truth About Work Life Balance And How To Get It by Sarah Von Bargen

If you want to read a more realistic and honest view on work/life balance, this is the post for you. Work/life balance is so much more complex than we allow it to be sometimes, and Sarah outlines perfectly the different ways it can manifest in our lives and our work in this post. 

10. Season 3 of Make It Happen

If you’d like to hear creatives talk in-depth about how they make things happen each day in their business, Season 3 of my podcast is exactly what you’re looking for. I focused every single interview in Season 3 on asking creatives all about their routines, their habits, and their mindsets when it comes to their routine as a business owner, and they shared some incredible insights about how they make things happen on their own terms each episode. 

Here's to building joyful, impactful, and fulfilling routines in our business.

I'm rooting for you!

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