Make It Happen Episode 15: With Megan Minns

One of my favourite things about launching Make It Happen so far has been the opportunity to touch base with awesome and inspiring creatives each week and cultivate some pretty awesome friendships along the way too. This weeks guest is no exception and I am super excited to share this episode with you today. I invited Megan Minns onto the show, a business strategist and virtual assistant, and I really think you're going to enjoy this episode and connect with the insights she shares throughout this show. 

Megan shares with us her story and journey so far, her best advice for side hustlers and anyone hoping to become a virtual assistant, and we even go a little off track and talk about her recent engagement too! We also dig into our thoughts on evolving in business, and some our favourite tools for staying organised and building systems that actually work. Megan is seriously awesome and this is a great episode for anyone who is working a 9-5 alongside their creative business, is interested in becoming a VA, or just wants to listen to two creatives talk shop and share some behind the scenes insights of what it's like to live the freelance life. 

Episode 15: Favourite Web Tools, Evolving With Your Business, & Surviving The Side Hustle with Megan Minns

There are just five episodes left of this first season of Make It Happen before I take a short and sweet hiatus before coming back with season 2 and I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed making this podcast so far. I hope you enjoy this episode, and you can head over to iTunes to dig into all of the past and previous episodes from this season too! 


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