How Working With Dream Clients Can Change Everything

Working with dream clients is the difference between feeling like just another creative service for hire and feeling like a creative expert who is doing work that is purposeful and effective. Working with dream clients has changed everything for me; it’s helped me to find direction, focus, and purpose with my work, and it feeds my soul and gives me the energy that I need to hustle hard and keep on moving forward with my business. 

Dream clients are a game changer for service based creative entrepreneurs and freelancers. They’re the whole reason we started out on this path in the first place, and it’s how we can truly be of service with our work, our creative expertise, and our ideas and methodology. 

They help us to tap into our inner creative genius

Dream clients are how we do amazing things with our work and our business. It’s how we can truly tap into our expertise, our creative superpowers, and it’s how we really show up and be of service with our work. There’s a kind of magic that happens when we work with the clients who we can serve best; we come into our own and truly unlock our potential as creatives and entrepreneurs. 

It’s how we do our most purposeful & effective work

We can’t be of service to everyone, however much we wish we could be. We do our most purposeful and effective work when we’re hired by dream clients who truly respect, understand, and trust our inner creative genius to get the job done. There are certain type of clients where the magic can really happen; when we work with dream clients we can really get into our creative groove and really become the creative experts we know we can be. Whether you’re a photographer, a health coach, a copywriter, or a prop stylist, it’s with those dream clients where you can really come into your own. 

It’s the secret behind being excited about our business every single day

The not-so-dreamy clients are a drain on our creative energy. They help to pay the bills, but they don’t leave us excited and energised to get down to work. But dream clients? They can do incredible things for our energy as creatives; they’re the reason we jump out of bed each morning, ready and waiting to do incredible things with our work. 

Dream clients are why we’re hustling so hard

None of us started our creative businesses to feel like a jack-of-all-trades or just another “insert freelance title here”. We did this to do purpose-driven creative work that feeds our soul as much as it does our bank balance. We’re doing this for the dream clients, to work on those projects and to work with those people where we can truly be of service and delight. 

They can also become pretty awesome friends along the way too

This one may be a little selfish on my part but in my experience so far, dream client usually end up turning into lifelong creative friends along the way too. There’s something about making some creative magic happen together that cultivates connection and community. Even when I’m feeling burnt out, tired, and exhausted, I still end every single day feeling crazy damn lucky that not only do I get to live my dream and do the work that I feel called to do, but I also get to do it with some crazy inspiring people who have also become friends and community along the way. 

But what if I don't know who my dream clients are?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Honing in on your dream clients isn’t always an easy and straightforward process, there’s a whole lot of soul-searching and brand discovery along the way to truly understanding who it is you can serve best. I've put together a cheat sheet just for you to help you hone in and get super specific about who those dream clients are. 

To finish...

Dream clients really can change everything, but attracting and booking them isn’t always as simple and easy as it sounds. If you’re running an awesome B2C service based business I’ve created a resource just for you here, but in this weekends upcoming Weekly Letter I’m going to be sharing some behind the scenes of how I attract and book dream clients and how you can too. You can sign up below and look out for that email on Sunday!


Helping purpose-driven service based creative entrepreneurs utilise their online presence to attract and book dream clients is a huge part of the work I do and I’ve recently released a brand new coaching package, Your Next Five Clients, to help you do exactly that. You can head over here to find out more