Make It Happen Episode Nine: With Regina Anaejionu of By Regina

It's Thursday and I have a brand new episode of Make It Happen for you today. I am super excited for you to dig into this episode as I invited one of my favourite people on the internet, Regina Anaejionu of By Regina, to come onto the show and talk all things blogging and online business. I love this episode, we got stuck into a bunch of awesome topics and there's a ton of awesome insights and encouragement from Regina throughout the episode for any bloggers and creatives listening who are working crazy hard to make big and beautiful things happen online right now.

Throughout this episode we talk about Regina's journey and story so far, how online business is a lifelong experiment and how we're all just pretty much figuring it out as we go, Regina's awesome approach to staying scrappy, what a #lovehelpsandwich is, and how listening to fear can be a good thing when you're running a business. I think you're going to really enjoy this episode and it's definitely one of my favourites from this season so far.

Episode Nine: Staying Scrappy, Building Community, And Listening To Fear with Regina Anaejionu of By Regina

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