Don’t Just Throw Every Strategy At The Wall In The Hope That Something Will Stick

I am a big believer in purposeful strategy. It’s how I see my clients, my friends, and creative peers take themselves from A to B in their business and blogs, and how I’ve built for myself a creative business that brings in a full time income while also being crazy fulfilling too. 

In my humble opinion, purposeful strategy is where it’s at when it comes to making big and beautiful things happen online. 

The tricky part when it comes to strategy is that there is a lot out there for us to explore and experiment with. Everywhere we look there’s a killer strategy for social media, content marketing, improving our SEO, launching new products, running Facebook ads, and everything else you could think of when it comes to making money and building a business online. 

All of this noise may have left some of you feeling like if you can just try all of these strategies and formulas, hopefully sooner or later something will start to work. But strategy without purpose and intention is usually nothing but a waste of our time. It may help us feel like we’re doing something productive, but ultimately it will leave us with empty results and no real progression or growth.

We’re halfway through 2015 now, and if you’re anything like me you’re probably assessing the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year, checking in with where you’re up to, and setting some new targets for the remaining six months of 2015. There’s no time like the present to get extra specific and extra intentional about your strategic approach to making big and beautiful things happen online, and if you've found yourself stuck in a place where you’re just trying any and everything in the hopes something will work, I’m here to encourage you to quit that habit today.

Quit reading everything and anything. Quit believing the lie that there’s a One Size Fits All Way To Be Awesome On The Internet and commit to only giving your energy to what serves you, your goals, and your online presence best. Don’t just blindly follow everything that says ‘this will work for you’. Instead, question everything. Stay curious, train yourself to start thinking strategically, and take the time to really understand what it is you’re working towards. Because it’s only once you really figure out where it is you’re going that you can then decide how best to get there. 

If you’re struggling to see any real results right now, ask yourself - am I just throwing every strategy at the wall in the hope that something sooner or later will stick? And then challenge yourself to sit down, dig deep, and really take the time to figure out a clear, focused, and purposeful path forward for your business, brand, and blog. 

Here’s to making the rest of 2015 pretty awesome, with purposeful strategy by our side helping us to make things happen every step of the way. 


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