Make It Happen Episode Twelve: With Kayla Hollatz

It's Thursday so that of course means that I have a brand new episode of Make It Happen for you today. I invited Kayla Hollatz, an infopreneur and online strategist, onto the show and we spoke about all things side hustling, monetising when you're ready, and also our thoughts on making a killer impression online. Kayla shares with us her story and journey so far, and also what she's learned from hosting an awesome weekly Twitter chat and what she's working hard to make happen behind the scenes right now.

This is a great episode for anyone who is looking to take the leap into monetising their online space, and for anyone who is balancing their online presence alongside a day job too. One of the main reasons I invited Kayla to come on the show is that she's in the middle of making some seriously awesome things happen right now and I just knew that her perspective would be so encouraging for anyone else who's taking that leap with their online presence too - and she definitely did not disappoint. As always you can catch all of the show notes over on the Podcast page and you can also subscribe to the show over on iTunes

Episode Twelve: The Side Hustle, Monetising When You're Ready, & Making A Killer Impression Online with Kayla Hollatz

I hope you enjoy this episode!


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