Silence The Noise At Least Once A Day

There are a few core things that I believe it takes to build an online presence that can have impact and reach and be as profitable as it is purposeful.

1. Game changing ideas and methodologies behind the work that we do

2. Purposeful and practical strategy that is built upon the intentions and values behind our brand and business

3. A message and a story that resonates, connects, and adds value

4. Clarity, focus, and business smarts behind our idea so that we can take it from just a concept to an actual reality 

Making things happen is way more than just finding the best advice and following it. It’s about tuning into your own intuition, developing your own strategies and formulas, and ultimately understanding your business, your industry, and your clients and customers so that you can make decisions that are both purposeful and profitable for your brand. And one of the things that can hold us back? Spending too much time hanging out with all the noise and not enough time tuning into our own ideas, intentions, and intuition.

So silence the noise at least once a day.

It’s such a simple and easy way to stay focused and purposeful with our work, yet so many of us struggle to turn off all the noise and trust in our own decision making instead. If we consume too much, if we start to rely on the words and ideas of others to inspire and motivate our own work, and if we don’t just create fully within our own little bubble sometimes, we’ll struggle to create something that is truly memorable along the way.

If you want to be a game changer, you have to turn off all the noise and spend some time with your own ideas and business intuition instead. Consuming the work, ideas, and content of others is great. It’s encouraging, motivational, and can be a great jumping off point for work and concepts of our own. But too much of it and we’ll find ourselves with a brand that is diluted and ineffective when it comes to serving those who we can serve best. To tap into our potential, to become a leader not a follower, and to build something that is more than just an extension of something that already exists elsewhere, we have to silence the noise at least once a day.  

Here’s my challenge for you:

Get comfortable with a little digital silence. Take the time each day to switch off your notifications and RSS feeds and instead just create. Play around with your ideas, check in with your business goals and strategy, and build your brand in a way that is rooted in you and your game changing ideas, not as an extension of what you’re consuming and engaging with right now. Brand clarity and focus can lead onto big and beautiful things, but you can only really discover it when you’re listening to your own ideas and intuition, not the noise of everything else happening around you. 

Silence the noise and refuse to be generic. 


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