Make It Happen Episode Eleven: With Maya Elious

I am super, super, excited to share this episode with you today.

Maya Elious is an awesome coach, brand strategist, and designer and I invited her to come onto Make It Happen this week to dig into a bunch of awesome topics for fellow freelancers and creative entrepreneurs. Maya is someone I have really been inspired by along the way in my journey so far - her blog is just jam packed with awesome insights and advice, and she's never, ever, afraid to just say it how it is. 

We talk about Maya's journey and story so far, how she discovered and continues to discover her purpose as a business owner, her biggest advice for developing our brand messaging as creative entrepreneurs, and what she's learned from sharing monthly income reports on her blog. Way more than just those awesome topics though, we also dig into our thoughts on blending our purpose and our passion as a business owner, how accepting our story is so important in our journey as creative entrepreneurs, and also some insights into what is happening in Maya's business at the moment too.

Episode Eleven: Purpose, Passion, & Sharing Your Story As A Creative Entrepreneur

As always, if you head over to the Podcast page you can catch all of the show notes from this weeks episode, and you can subscribe to Make It Happen over on iTunes too. We are over halfway through the first season of Make It Happen now and I have some really awesome interviews lined up for the next few weeks that I can't wait to share. 

Hope you enjoy this episode!


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