The First Make It Happen Lab Is Here: Impress Their Inbox

I am super, super, excited to share this post with you today. From just starting as my mantra for work and life, Make It Happen is now a huge part of my brand and my business. I have a Podcast of the same name, a coaching programme, an email series, and I’m now launching a workshop/coaching hybrid too. Transitioning into live digital workshops has been a huge intention of mine this year and I’m crazy excited to start bringing these to life this month. 

Make It Happen Labs are live digital workshops with one-on-one laser-focused coaching sessions afterwards that are here to help you take some really practical and purposeful steps forward online. Labs are here to help you dig deeper into a specific topic and tackle it head on. I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all advice or quick fix formulas and strategies, so these Make It Happen Labs are here to help you unlock your potential and get your head around the topics and areas that are currently leaving you feeling overwhelmed and a little confused. 

For the first Make It Happen Lab we’re going to be focusing on all things email lists. I am super passionate about creating email content - I’ve seen the power it has to transform in both my own business and my clients and I know for so many creatives and entrepreneurs it can be completely overwhelming at first when trying to figure out exactly how best they can use their list.


Mailing lists, newsletters, and email opt-ins are all the rage right now online. Everyone knows how much they can be a game changer for your online presence and brand, yet actually figuring out how you can create an email list of your own can be trickier than you first expect. Deciding which content is best suited for your blog and which is best suited for your list, creating an opt-in that doesn’t just feel generic and purposeless, and actually using your email list to convert subscribers into customers, clients, and lifelong brand ambassadors? Well it’s all enough to give anyone a headache.

That’s where Impress Their Inbox comes in. The first of my Make It Happen Labs (live digital workshops + laser-focused coaching sessions for you), Impress Their Inbox is here to help you unlock the potential of your list so that you can create and send emails that make people pay attention. Whether you've been struggling for a while to make sense of what to do with your list, or you’re only just getting started, Impress Their Inbox is for you. 

What's Included

  • 2 Hour Live Digital Workshop & Q&A
  • 20 Minute Laser-Focused One-on-One Coaching Session


Saturday July 18th at 3pm UK time 

Who Is It For?

Impress Their Inbox is for any creatives, small business owners, and bloggers who want to shape up their email marketing & create emails and opt-ins that delight and impress their audience. 

How Much?

£45 // $70

How Many Places?

There are only 20 spots available for the first Impress Their Inbox Lab.

The Live Digital Workshop & Q&A

Over 2 hours we will explore:

  • The purpose of your email list
  • How to know what to send your email list & how that fits into the eco-system of your online content
  • Developing an email content plan that is exciting, unique, and purposeful for your brand
  • Creating & sending emails that connect, convert, & sell
  • The best opt-in & extras for you and your brand
  • A Q&A from pre-submitted questions and additional questions throughout the workshop

Access to a recording of the workshop will also be available. 

Your 20 Minute Laser-Focused Content Session

Within a week of the workshop you will have a 20 minute laser-focused coaching session with me where you can pick my brain and start to bring to life that big beautiful idea you have for your mailing list. We’ll spend 20 minutes focused on you, your list, and how best you can utilise it for your brand and online presence. Whether you want to shape up your current newsletter and opt-ins, or you’re starting completely from scratch, we’ll take everything you learned in the workshop and help you to put it into action so you can craft and create the best email content plan for you. 

You’ll also recieve follow up notes and an audio recording of our coaching session. 

And if you can't make it or end up missing the live workshop? Don't worry as you'll access to a recording within 24 hours. I would definitely recommend attending the live workshop so that you can ask questions while we're on air, but if for some reason you can't make it you will be able to watch it afterwards and use it as a jumping off point for our laser-focused coaching session.

There are only 20 spots available for the first Impress Their Inbox Lab, so if you're ready to create unforgettable email campaigns you can register your spot below!

I would love to know in the comments below - what does it take to impress your inbox?