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Jennypurr is here for the movers, makers, and doers like you who are working crazy hard to make big and beautiful things happen online. If you’ve been reading this online space for a while now you’ll know that I’m all about thinking big, breaking the mould, and being guided by our creative values and intentions every step of the way. 

Everything I do online and with Jennypurr is all about helping creatives unlock the potential of their online presence as a game changer for their business and creativity, and I’ve poured those intentions into this free email series that I’m super excited to share with you today. If I believe one thing, it’s that movers, makers, and doers like you are already capable of doing brave and bold things with your work and your life. My hope with this five part email series is that it can help you unlock your ability to think big and break the mould with your approach to creating, sharing, and working online. If you’re more at home creating outside of your comfort zone, this is for you.

Be A Game Changer is here to share with you five of the biggest lessons I've learned when it comes to unlocking our potential to make big and beautiful things happen online. The thing with making big and beautiful things happen though is that it’s totally up to you to define what that looks like. For some it’s finding creative freedom, for others it’s building a profitable business that feeds their soul as much as it does their bank balance, and for others it’s about cultivating community and connections. Whatever it is you feel inspired to do, Be A Game Changer can hopefully be a helping hand along the way to encourage you to think a little outside of the box. 

Over five days, Be A Game Changer will share with you 5 fluff-free and easy to digest lessons straight to your inbox that are here to help you think big, break the mould, and run your own race online. Launching this weekend, you can get on the list now to be one of the first to dig into this free email series so that you can take some really practical and purposeful steps forward online towards those big awesome goals of yours. 

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To finish, I have a question for you...

What does making big and beautiful things happen online look like to you?