Make It Happen Episode Six: Don't Consume What Keeps You Small

It's Thursday and that means that there's a brand new episode of the Make It Happen podcast for you today. This weeks episode is short and sweet and is just me and my microphone talking to you about why we shouldn't consume what keeps us small. I really believe that what we allow into our creative space can really shape and define our perspective and mindset, and my hope with todays episode is that it can encourage you to consume content that inspires and motivates you to do brave and bold things along the way. 

This topic is one I actually explored in a Weekly Letter a few weeks back, so email subscribers will  already know some of my thoughts on this topic. I expanded on it in this weeks episode and I share some steps worth exploring if you want to be extra intentional with what you consume - both online and offline. I hope these shorter solo episodes can be a good balance alongside the meatier interviews, and I have some seriously awesome guests lined up for the next few weeks that I can't wait to record and share with you soon.

Episode Six: Don't Consume What Keeps You Small

Make It Happen actually has some really exciting news this week as we were featured under iTunes New & Noteworthy podcasts! It was so exciting to see and it was just the motivation I needed to give even more of myself to these episodes each week. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support with Make It Happen so far - it really does mean the world. If you head over to the Podcast page you can browse all of the show notes for this weeks episodes, and if you want to receive episodes straight to your inbox each week you can sign up to the Make It Happen mailing list below.

I hope you enjoy episode number six - I would love to know your thoughts!