Make It Happen Episode One: With Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company

I am super excited today to be sharing with you the first ever episode of Make It Happen, my brand new podcast for bloggers and creatives. This has been both an exciting and nerve-wracking leap into a brand new area for me and it's definitely going to be a learning process to find my feet in this new challenge. For the first episode I invited one of my favourite bloggers and creative business owners Lauren, who you probably know best from her blog Elle & Company, to come and talk about the topic of successfully blogging for your creative business.

We talk together about Lauren's approach to authentic content marketing, her best advice for anyone building a creative business alongside their online presence, her experience of using Pinterest to grow her blog, and how bringing on board her husband Jake has done awesome things for Elle & Company as a business. You can listen to the episode via SoundCloud below, and you will hopefully be available to listen and subscribe via iTunes super soon. I hope this will be a really insightful and inspiring episode for any bloggers and creatives and it's full of both practical advice and some jumping off points to help you stay inspired and motivated along the way.

For the show notes, make sure you visit the Podcast page where you will also find a Get In Touch form for any questions and feedback you want to share. 

There will be brand new episodes of Make It Happen every Thursday, where I will be sharing either an interview with a blogger or creative entrepreneur, or a solo episode with just me where I will dig deep and explore a topic for bloggers & creatives in more depth. If you never want to miss an episode and any exclusive updates too, you can sign up the Make It Happen mailing list below. 

This is a brand new adventure for me and I'm really enjoying the challenge so far. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and opening myself up to a brand new way of creating and sharing content is scary stuff, but I really hope you enjoy this first episode and that it's the perfect dose of mid-week inspiration and motivation. I can't wait to keep sharing more weekly episodes with you and find my feet more in this new challenge.

I'd love to know in the comments below if you enjoyed Episode One and if you have any topics you'd like to see explored in future episodes!