Weekend Reading To Help You Make It Happen

So I'm pretty obsessed with making things happen at the moment. I have a Podcast launching soon called Make It Happen, a coaching service of the same name, and a couple more Make It Happen products and resources coming very soon that I am super excited about. Today I'm checking in before the weekend with some seriously awesome blog posts, articles, and a couple of podcast episodes that I've enjoyed from around the web recently that have left me feeling inspired, motivated, and encouraged in my creative journey. If you're working crazy hard to make things happen and you need a little inspiration along the way, these are the links for you. 

Sabrina's thoughts over at Hands + Hustle on Be The Driver Of Your Own Car(eer) 

Alexandra Franzen's piece on Get Some Courage. Give Some Courage

Go Live HQ's three part series on Reasons You Shouldn't Care About SEO: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Sian's post over on The Vibe on 5 Tips For The Soon-To-Be Self Employed

Jamie over at Spruce Rd on Don't Complain. Make A Change

The Lively Show episode with Alexandra Franzen on Turn Your Day Around And How To Say No

Kyla's super insightful post on How Reading Lifestyle Blogs Almost Stopped Me From Making A Living Online

This awesome post on Cocorrina on How To Work Like A Minimalist

Being Boss Podcast interview with Paul Jarvis on Finding Your Rat People

Lauren's awesome post over on Elle & Compay on 1 Clever Way To Streamline Your Client Process

What's the best thing you've read, watched, or listened to online this week?

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