So What Exactly Do You Do All Day?

A question I'm asked often is: what exactly do you do all day? I'm sure fellow freelancers and solopreneurs can relate, as when your day job is against the norm it can leave the people around us curious to exactly how we fill our days. I'm pretty sure the day to day weekly schedule of every freelancer and creative business owner I know looks different and unique to them and their own work, so today I thought I would share a little insight into what a typical week looks like for me and what exactly I do all day. 

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Monday's are the day I usually get stuck in with any admin that needs my attention and any urgent tasks on my to-do list. This Monday just gone, my day was spent planning upcoming coaching sessions, responding to client enquiries, writing up content for ALO, social media maintenance, and emails, emails, and more emails. My afternoon was broken up nicely with a call with my friend and fellow blogger and creative business owner Lauren from over at Elle & Company - calls like these tend to keep me sane (and inspired) throughout the week.

Monday's are pretty much always jam packed work from home days for me - I like to start the week off tackling things head on, and I'm usually attached to my laptop until pretty late on in the day. 

Tuesday was another jam-packed day full of coaching calls, writing, and some big picture planning. I spent a big chunk of my day at my desk working with clients and then the rest of the day working on some content and behind the scenes projects. My day-to-day life is pretty boring - admin, emails, and maintenance tasks can take up a big chunk of my days and is usually where I find myself lost in for a good few hours.

I tend to end most days proof-reading any content going live the next day and replying to any tweets and emails that I've missed throughout the day. Alex was off on Tuesday so a few hours of the day was spent planning out an upcoming project we're working on together and touching base on where we both are currently with our work - conversations like these play a huge part in the overall growth of my business. 

Wednesday was pretty similar to Tuesday - a day spent with my laptop touching base with some clients, responding to emails, and working on some upcoming ALO content. On Wednesday evening I hosted the second ever #jennypurrchat so I put an hour aside to prep the questions and visuals for later on that day. 

I also spent a big chunk of Wednesday working on some side projects. I have something really exciting coming to Jennypurr in a month or so and I had lots of emails to send to start bringing everything together. Sometimes I can end each day wondering what have I even achieved with my day, but that's because a lot of the work I'm focusing on at the moment is longer term projects so it's hard to see any instant results on a day to day basis. 

My plan for Thursday was to get out of the house and work from a coffee shop in town, but the rain left me aching to stay inside where it's warm and dry. I spent a big chunk of the day working on some client projects and planning coaching sessions for the following week, as well as responding to emails and finalising April's editorial content plans. 

Early evening I jumped on a Skype call with my friend Chaitra (you probably know her best as Pink Pot) where we spent an hour or so talking all things blogging and business. I wrapped up my day responding to emails and proof reading some posts and prepping any social media for the following day. 

For Friday, my to-do list is looking a little crazy so I'm planning on rising nice and early so I can tackle everything head on. I have a coaching call early afternoon, so before then I plan on working on some upcoming ALO content and catching up with everything over there for the week. For the rest of the day I'm planning on prepping some blog content for the following week and working on my Weekly Letter going out to mailing list subscribers at the weekend. After that I want to focus on my digital product that I will be launching soon and start ticking off the never-ending to-do list that I have for it at the moment. 

I usually like to work the weekends and take a day off in the week but every day was a little jam-packed this week so Sunday has been put aside as a day for catching up with friends and spending time with Alex. Saturday is for wrapping up the week, including any blog posts and ALO posts for the following week that need editing, any client work that needs my attention, and of course the boring things like recording my income and expenses for the week. My hope is that on Saturday I can put aside a little time to work on some other larger pieces of content I want to create for Jennypurr and also check in with my goals and intentions and have a little business brainstorming session.

So there it is, a little insight into my weekly schedule. It does change from week to week, for example next week I have a working day with Rebecca and Grace planned and a week jam packed with client calls so there will be less writing and more coaching taking up my week. 

Here is my question to you: what exactly do you do all day? I'd love to know a little more about your day-to-day life and how you spend your days?


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