Trusting Your Gut When Making Creative Decisions

We all make so many different decisions each week when it comes to our creative endeavours and pursuits. Whether it's deciding our content plan, whether to accept sponsored opportunities, which projects we should commit to, or bigger decisions like how to price ourselves, where to invest in our business, or even whether we keep an income stream open or not, making decisions isn't always easy. A right or wrong answer isn't always as clear cut as we'd hope, and so much of the time we end up looking to our gut instincts to guide us along the way.

Making creative decisions is personal and subjective to each and every one of us. All of our experiences so far in life will play a huge part in the decisions we make along the way, as well as our personal circumstances and needs. When I turn to my gut it tends to default to one of four instincts and I'm learning to understand what each means and then allow it to guide me moving forward.

When it feels icky Sometimes opportunities come our way that can leave us feeling a little icky. Whether because it feels uneasy when aligned with our own personal values, or because it goes against our goals and intentions, our gut usually makes it very clear when it feels an aversion to something. The icky feeling is usually a strong sign for me that it's not the path for me, and whether it's for personal or monetary gain, if it goes against my values and goals I know it's better to focus on the bigger picture and say no. 

When it feels scary When my first instinct is fear and overwhelm, this usually means that I have to decide whether it's a fear worth exploring or not. The most fulfilling projects and pieces of work for me are usually the ones that scare me at first, but I like to explore the initial fear and see if it's there because of a genuine concern or just because of the unknown. 

When it feels challenging Similar to fear, when my gut instinct heads in the direction of feeling challenged I have to decide whether it's a challenge I'm ready and willing to take on board. I'm a big believer in moving forward, learning new skills, and stepping out of my comfort zone but sometimes a new challenge isn't always the best choice when there are current projects and endeavours that need my focus. I'm usually excited and inspired whenever there is the option for a new challenge on the table, but I try and listen to my instincts to see whether it's the right time and fit. 

When it feels right It's rare that my instincts jump straight away to a place of clarity, but every now and again something will just feel like the right fit. Whether it's a new opportunity or the next step in a current project or piece of work, when my gut instinct is that it's the right thing to do it's usually well worth listening to. When I'm making big decisions with a few options on the table to chose from, I usually ask myself, which one feels right? What is most aligned with my values, my goals, and my intentions? 

What about you? Do you trust your gut when making creative decisions?


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