Why Self Promotion Doesn't Always Have To Feel Uncomfortable

Whether you’re a blogger or a business owner, self promotion is probably a huge thing that plays on your mind when making plans for your online presence. We can have the best blog content, product, or service in the world but if we don’t actively share it we’ll struggle to reach a wider and more engaged audience. 

Personally, I can find self promotion super uncomfortable. I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and outside of social media I’ve never had any promotional or marketing strategies in place. This all changed when Jennypurr evolved into a business with services (and soon to be launched products) and now self promotion isn’t something I can run away from if I really want to take my work seriously. I’ve come to a place where I feel much more comfortable exploring marketing strategies and I wanted to share some thoughts with you today to encourage you to embrace self promotion for your blog, business, or product. 

Believe in what you’re promoting Here’s the thing, self promotion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable if you believe in what you’re sharing with the world. That blog post you created that you know will connect with a ton of people and help them along the way? Share the hell out of it. That service you have that you know is reasonably priced and full of value for your customers? Promote, promote, promote. Your brand new product you’ve spent months building from scratch that you know is worth what it’s priced? Quit believing that you’re ’shilling’ something and know the value in what you’ve created.

If you believe 100% in your blog, product, or service then you should promote and market with pride. You won’t have to hide behind empty marketing copy, instead you’ll share from a place of integrity and value. There’s nothing wrong with self promotion when you’ve created something you really believe in, and once we move past the fear of being judged or appearing too ‘salesy’ we can actually create a marketing plan full of integrity that really connects with our audience and customers. 

Promote with integrity Promoting with integrity is key. Being honest, open, and accountable for the content, services, and products we’re promoting is the difference between feeling like a fraud and feeling proud of the online presence we’ve created. Use copy and words that are authentic to you, don’t just emulate the marketing techniques of others. Take your time to craft a marketing plan that feels authentic to your core goals, ethos, and intentions and play the long game instead of chasing instant gratification from uncomfortable promotional techniques. 

How you market and promote your blog, business, or product plays a huge part in defining your brand with potential and current readers and customers. Let your blogging and brand goals, purpose, and ethos guide you every step of the way and be the foundations you build your marketing plan on. If you need some inspiration, I’m sharing below 10 non-uncomfortable ways to promote your blog, business, or product. 

10 Non-Uncomfortable Ways To Promote Your Blog, Business, or Product

  1. Create a social media marketing strategy
  2. Advertise on other blogs and websites
  3. Partner up with someone else in your industry and collaborate
  4. Network at in-person events
  5. Email marketing
  6. Join Google+ and Facebook groups specific to your community/audience
  7. Guest post on other blogs and websites
  8. Host a sale or special event
  9. Press coverage, either in-print or online
  10. Host a Twitter Chat

How do you feel about self promotion? What's your experience of it so far?

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