The Three Biggest Secrets To Creating A Blog You & Your Readers Will Love

There's no exact science to blogging. Personally I think the best blogs are the ones that come from a very creative and authentic place. If you share something good with the world, the world usually stops and pays attention and letting your creative instincts guide you first and foremost is, in my experience, the best path to take. We all want to create online spaces that both ourselves and our readers will love, and today I'm sharing three things that can make all the difference.

Integrity Integrity builds trust, it gives you focus, and it's at the heart of building an engaged and connected community. Knowing your own core ethos and values for your online space and the boundaries around your creative process means that you will stay focused and true throughout your blogging adventure. Where you stand on disclosure, sponsored opportunities, and how open you are with your audience about monetising and your intentions all play a huge part in defining your brand. It's so easy to be distracted by instant gratification, whether it be monetary or sharing a post just for the hits and exposure, but if you have integrity and a clear ethos at the heart of your blog you will craft an online space that both you and your audience will love. Buffer shared on awesome post on The 10 Buffer Values and How We Act On Them Every Day that I really recommend reading. 

Purpose Without purpose there is no bigger theme and voice running throughout your content and online presence. Without purpose there is nothing your readers can connect or engage with in the long run. Your purpose is what drives you to pour hours of your week into your online space and it's what keeps you going even when times are tough. Your purpose is why you create, it's who you are and what you want to share with the world and it's why your readers fall head over heals in love with your blog. Purpose keeps you focused, it helps you to take on new challenges and push forward into your next adventure, and it's what makes your blog more than just words on a screen. I shared some advice on Finding Your Blogging Purpose & Building A Manifesto a while back that may be of help if you want to get super focused on your blogging purpose. 

Innovation Blogging has changed so much since its early days and to reach an audience and really develop an online platform to share your voice and work you have to be innovative and bring something exciting and fresh to the table. It's so easy for us to see what has come before us and replicate what has already been done, but all that does is keep us in the shadows and trailing behind. Thinking outside of the box, creating without limits, and pushing the boundaries of what a blog can be (because it can be way bigger than just an online diary if you want it to be) is the best way to really create an exciting and engaging online space. Take inspiration from outside of the blogging world, leave behind trends and fads that are only popular for a limited time, and don't be afraid to break the mould and do things on your own terms. 

With integrity, purpose, and innovative content and ideas I think there's nothing that can stand in the way of a blog reaching its ideal audience and having impact and reach with the ideas and words it shares with the world. 

If you had to pinpoint three things that make you fall in love with a blog, what would they be?

Do you want to work together to build an innovative content plan that connects with your ideal readers? Let's work together to take your content to the next level. 

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