Feeling Lost With Your Blog? Change Your Perspective

However long you’ve been blogging for, if you’re anything like me you will have bouts of doubt and overwhelm when it comes to your online space. More than that though, there will be times (in my experience) where you will feel completely lost with your blog and which steps to take next. Whether it’s your content, your direction, or even your entire focus, you may find yourself in the midst of blogging crisis at some point in your blogging adventure.

I’ve been there and managed to come out on the other side feeling more focused, on track, and inspired than I was before. If you’re feeling stuck, lost, and with a lack of perspective I have four steps worth exploring to help you feel more on track and ready to take the blogging world by storm.

Embrace change Change is unavoidable, but it's also something we shouldn't fear or avoid. When we change and the environment around us does also, our feelings and intentions towards our blog can start to shift. Maybe our interests or energy have adapted and evolved, or the areas we enjoy and and want to focus on in have changed over time. Stay open to change, if we resist it we'll struggle to take any productive steps forward. We should always remember why we started blogging, but also be okay with our goals, plans, and passions changing over time. If you're feeling lost it may be because you've adapted and grown since when you first started but are struggling to keep up and embrace where you are now.

Identify old rules If you need to change your perspective, the best first step I've found is to identify old rules and see if you need to start breaking them. In blogging it's too easy to feel like there are unspoken rules we should create by. Depending on your niche and the community you're a part of, it's possible that you feel constrained by certain rules and expectations. Get down on paper all the beliefs and rules you've been blogging by and explore whether they are still worth your attention and time. You may find that there are some rules you've been following that are in fact holding you back and keeping you from finding perspective.

Surround yourself with the right environment What we consume and engage with can be one of the biggest things to affect our perspective. If you're surrounded by negativity and a community alien to your own interests and intentions it's highly likely that it would start to leave you feeling a little disengaged and lost. If your goals and intentions have started to shift but you're struggling to find perspective in the transition, take a step back from anything that could be holding you back and interfering with your thought process. For example, the whole focus of this online space is to be a creative resource for bloggers and creatives but I started out my blogging adventure as a personal blogger focusing on beauty and lifestyle. The old community which I was a part of isn't a good fit for me anymore, and though I love engaging with old friends and blogs I still love, a creative community full of people who are as crazy passionate about blogging as I am is the best environment for me now. Surround yourself with people who love what you love, who dream as big as you do, and who won't box you in or leave you feeling stuck. 

Blog by your values Whenever we lose perspective I think the most important thing is to take a step back to basics and remember our blogging values. Who we want to create for, what we want to create, and the environment and experience we want to develop with our online space is at the core of our online spaces. Our values, our intentions, and our purpose and goals are there to guide us and keep us on track. If we define success for ourselves, run our own race, and be driven by a desire to create and connect we will be able to overcome feeling lost and move forward to create blogs we really, really, love. 

So next time you're feeling lost and stuck, my best advice is to change your perspective. Forget the 'rules' and constraints that are holding you back, surround yourself with positive, engaged, and inspiring people who see the world as big as you do, and blog by your values every step of the way.


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