10 More Awesome Blogs I Love

Whenever I stumble across a blog I love I'm always super excited to share it with you guys in one of these posts. Near the end of last year I discovered so many awesome blogs that had me all excited about blogging again - there's something about awesome and talented people creating unique and exciting content that makes you super proud to be part of this community. 

Cat Crawford

You guys may know Cat best as Lilac Ghosts, and she's recently rebranded her blog to her name and is refocusing her content around digital marketing advice for small bloggers and businesses. I'm super excited for the new content Cat is going to be bringing to the table and I can't wait to see what's next for her - if you want to get your head around SEO and marketing advice, this is the blog for you. 

Clementine Daily

Clementine Daily is a seriously awesome digital lifestyle magazine that I love. With a focus on living an authentic life, their content is so beautiful crafted with such an honest and creative tone running through, and their content never makes you feel like you have to be anything other than yourself which I love. 

Into Mind

Anuschka's blog is seriously something special. Based in Berlin, her blog is focused on all things minimalism. Her visuals are just perfect, and her approach to minimalism is so interesting and useful without feeling like it's impossible to test the waters yourself. Her outlook has really inspired and encouraged my own recently and it's a serious must read if you're looking to live a more intentional life. 

Love From Berlin

Rae's blog is just beautiful. Her photography and aesthetic just blows me away and she's crafted such a creative online space that I think you guys will really love. A Berlin based photographer and interaction designer, it's one of my favourite lifestyle blogs at the moment and I'm so excited to keep up with Rae and the awesome content she's sharing with the world. 

The Blog Market

Brought to you by a group of creative bloggers, The Blog Market is an awesome online resource for online content creators. Sharing useful tools, tutorials, insights, and advice; it's the perfect one-stop shop for all of your blogging needs and their site is really well designed as well which I love. 

The Freelance To Freedom Project

If you're a freelancer, this is the site for you. Brought to you by an awesome and insightful freelancer Leah, she shares tons of helpful advice around business planning, launches, building systems and process and much more. A must read for any freelancers and entrepreneurs!

TMF Project

Another must read for business owners, TMF Project is an awesome to-the-point resource for entrepreneurs and anyone else paving their own path and running their own race. With the kind of business advice that pushes you to really do something, it's awesome for anyone wanting to really change their own life (and their clients) with the work they share and sell. 


Caroline's blog is one of the only style blogs I read and I really love her minimal approach to all things style and shopping. She posts daily outfits from her seasonal 37 piece capsule wardrobes, and it's really great to see a fashion blog focused on being intentional with your spending and style. 


Rebecca is a photographer, designer, and awesome blogger sharing snippets of her life, her photography and inspiration along the way. I fell in love with her blog at first glance and it's a seriously beautiful online space that includes some awesome style posts as well.

XO Sarah

Sarah's blog is awesome. She focuses on business advice for bloggers and business owners and is really open with her story and lessons learned along the way. With super helpful content and awesome insights into her life along the way as well, this is a great read for bloggers and anyone crafting their own career!

Hope you enjoy these!

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