Nine Different Ways To Define Blogging Success

How we define blogging success varies from content creator to content creator, and so many of us at times feel like we're not achieving enough with our online spaces in comparison to others. Success is such a personal concept and completely our own to define, and today I just wanted to run through nine different ways you could define blogging success - hopefully to remind you that you're doing something seriously awesome with your online space, whatever the numbers say. 

The relationships you make: The awesome people I've met so far in this blogging adventure is one of my favourite things about running this online space. The relationships we make online can really change our lives, and the fact that we can reach out and connect with so many awesome people from around the world is amazing. 

The opportunities that come your way: Whether it's through networking, exposure, brand collaborations etc, there are so many awesome opportunities available to online content creators.  As quite the introvert, big networking events aren't really my kind of thing but I know for so many people the connections they've made and the exciting opportunities available to them is one of their favourite things about running their online space. My biggest advice would be to go after the opportunities you want instead of waiting for them to come your way - fortune favours the brave after all. 

The engagement with your readers: Getting to know you guys in the comments, on twitter, and through email is probably the greatest thing about running this online space for me. Being able to connect with so many awesome and inspiring people around the world and share little bits of our lives with each other makes me so happy. I remember when I first started this blog one of my biggest intentions was to find my people and not feel so alone and lost, and I've seriously found that and so much more thanks to this little blog. 

Establishing your voice: I'm always harping on about how important it is that we find and use our voice and really embrace our purpose with our blogs. If your online space can be a platform to really express what it is you want to say, connect with likeminded people, and have impact and reach with the content you're sharing you're really giving yourself the opportunity to establish your voice and ideas within your industry. 

The personal fulfilment: Whether your blog helps you to push yourself, grow, or find happiness and escapism, the personal fulfilment of dedicating your time to maintaining an online space all of your own is powerful stuff. I've found so much confidence and self love since starting this little blog; I've learned to really embrace who I am, what it is I want to say, and really be braver with my life and the decisions I make. 

The career opportunities: For some, blogging can become a full blown career. For others it can be a great addition to a CV, or as a way to network with key people in their industry. If you want to, your blog can be a great way to really build a career for yourself that you love and the possibilities are endless. 

The money you make: Monetising your blog is huge these days - I actually shared some lessons learned about monetising your blog a few weeks back. If it's a priority for you, making a part (or even full) time income from your online space can be a huge way for you to define your success, and for so many people their online space has completely changed their lives. I think it's super important though to know that blog monetisation isn't the be all and end all of running your online space, and personal fulfilment and the connections you make are just as much (if not more) powerful in the long run. 

The numbers you build: There's no denying that numbers play a huge part in how many of us define blogging success. I've always been an advocate for not defining ourselves by our numbers alone - I shared a whole post on being more than just your traffic a while back - and personally I much prefer to focus on reader engagement. A growth in followers doesn't always translate in growth in active readership, however building your audience and growing your reach is without a doubt something to be proud of and numbers for sure can play a big part in assessing our growth along the way. 

The creative growth: When I first started Jennypurr I didn't even think of myself as a creative person. I was finishing an academic degree with no creative outlet and always felt creatively inept as I couldn't draw, take nice photos, or design anything worthwhile. I've always found comfort in words though but never really believed it was something I was all that good at, but since starting this blog I've pushed myself so much in my craft and really found my creative feet along the way. These days content creation is such a huge passion of mine, and I would never have launched an online magazine and found the drive to pursue the freelance work I do now without this little blog helping me find my way. 

How about you, how do you define blogging success?

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