A Couple of Jennypurr Updates

Anyone who’s been following Jennypurr since the early days will have seen how this online space has developed and transitioned over time. What started out as a personal beauty blog has since evolved into an online creative resource for bloggers & creatives. I’m so excited to have this space to share thoughts and advice on all things blogging, creativity, and self development with you and I always want to focus on creating content that will hopefully inspire, inform, and encourage you along the way in your creative journey.

There are just a couple of updates I want to keep you up to date with, though have no fear nothing is going to be changing too drastically. 2015 is going to be the year I really get specific with this online space and focus on creating the best content and online presence I can for you guys. You’ll now be able to find all of my blog posts over here at jennypurr.co.uk/blog as there is now a brand new Home page I’ve put together for anyone arriving at Jennypurr for the first time. Alongside the blog content I work on, I also offer Coaching Packages for Creative Bloggers and a soon to be released digital product and the Home page is a place where everything that Jennypurr is can all come together under one page. Unfortunately in the move I lost all of my previous Disqus comments, so I'm afraid a few may have disappeared before I was able to reply. 

As for the blog, there are just a few scheduling changes to fill you in on. I’ve pretty much always posted daily over here on Jennypurr ever since launching in early 2013, but these past few months I’m finding that quality over quantity is where I want my focus to be. I’m moving to a Monday-Friday posting schedule from now on, though mailing list subscribers will receive exclusive extra content each week through the form of my Weekly Letters for Bloggers & Creatives that will hit your inbox every Sunday. I’ll still be sharing weekly content on all things blogging, creativity and self development but it’s going to be even more focused, more specific, and hopefully extra helpful and interesting for you guys.

Thank you so much for being the best part of this journey so far, and I’m super excited to take a leap into this next Jennypurr chapter together. 


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