Be More Intentional With What You Consume

It is so easy just to consume everything that is available to us online, and on the most part it's great how much free and engaging content there is out there for us to delve into. The thing is though, we're all busy people leading busy lives and by being intentional with what we consume we can make sure we're only giving our time to the content that really matters to us.

After months of following hundreds of blogs through Bloglovin, and clicking through on every link that hit my Twitter feed, I felt completely overwhelmed by everything I was consuming. Too much noise can stop us from really finding perspective with our own thoughts and creativity and I've discovered recently how much being more specific with what I digest online can really make such a positive difference to both my outlook and creative process. 

Curate intentional feeds You can curate specific RSS feeds just for the content you want to keep up with. Most of us use Bloglovin as our go to blog reader, and if you're feeling overwhelmed and just want a place to keep up with your must read favourites, curating a group on your account of all your favourite blogs mean you can just view them all in one place. Same goes for Twitter, you can put together lists of specific feeds you really want to keep up with and consume. If you only have half an hour each day to really sit down and catch up with online content, I think it's best spent with the blogs and websites you really, really, love and the content that can really add some value to your life. Your wider lists can be perfect for weekend browsing, but on a day-to-day basis, a curated list can be perfect for intentional consumption. 

Avoid information overload Too much information is enough to give anyone a headache, and sometimes I can feel overwhelmed by the noise of everyone's voice online. There's only so much information we can take on board before we're unable to dissect anymore, and steering clear of information overload means we can actually process the content that we want to consume. We all have specific information we're looking for, whether it's advice on a certain topic, or just updates in areas we're interested in, and finding sources and voices we trust and connect with is a great way to avoid too much noise. 

Stay open to what’s next We all have our favourite websites and blogs that will be lifelong favourites, but along the way we will of course stumble across new reads that we fall in love with. Staying open to new ideas, new voices, and new creative insights is a great way to not stay stagnant and still be challenged by the content you consume. Keeping just a little bit of room for what's next, while still being intentional with what you consume, means you'll still be kept on your toes and excited by your RSS feeds. 

Surrounding yourself with the right content for you means you can stay true on your own creative path. Too much noise can leave us feeling overwhelmed, bombarded, and even disheartened at times. Engaging with the content that speaks to you, shares your values and perspective, and brings something valuable to your day is a great way to really make the most out of the awesome posts, articles, and personal essays available for us to read online.

What about you? I'd love to know if you're intentional with what you consume?


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