How To Find & Define Your Blogging Niche

Finding and defining your niche when you run your own online space can sound like an overwhelming concept; figuring out where you fit and which audience suits you best isn't always super straight forward and I know for many of us defining our niche can be something we struggle with. Today I'm sharing my best advice for making this part of blogging as stress free as possible, as once you have it figured out you will find creating content, connecting with your audience, and reaching your long term goals much easier.

Why do I need to define my niche, I hear you ask? It's a great way to really pinpoint who you're for, help you stay focused along the way, and really craft an online space that stands out in the crowd. If you're starting to take your blog seriously and treating it as something bigger than a personal online diary (though of course there's nothing wrong with that approach), knowing what sets your blog apart, who your content is created for, and how you're going to really connect with your ideal audience is a super important step to really increasing your impact and reach. 

Get specific It all starts with getting specific with your blog, something that we've spoken about in more depth throughout January in terms of figuring out Why We Blog and Who We're Creating For (third and final instalment of the Getting Specific With Your Blog monthly series is coming next week). Figuring out why you blog, what you want to blog about, and who you want to create for is the first step to really defining your niche. There are of course larger categories such as Beauty, Lifestyle, Design, Style etc, and finding where you fit initially is a great way to start to your define your online space. Jot it all down - who you're writing for, what topics you cover, what niche you identify with the most - and really hone in on the specifics. 

Explore your niche The best next step is to really explore your niche. Even within the bigger niches like Beauty and Lifestyle there are tons and tons of different ways and styles of creating; explore your niche, see what exists and how others are defining themselves and try and figure out where you fit. Having a good feel for the online community you're a part of and what other awesome online content is being shared around you is a great way to feel more aware and informed. Honing in on the specifics of your blog is a great way to really figure out what it is that you're bringing to the table and how it can stand out in the crowd. Seeing what else is out there and any gaps you may see in terms of what you and your own unique perspective can bring is a great way to kick start your blogging adventure. 

Create your own I'm a big believer in defining and creating your own niche. Of course there are the umbrella categories that I've mentioned that you'll fall into somewhere, but once in them there are so many subcategories that the possibilities are endless. Don't feel confined to just doing what has already been done before; of course there has to be some cohesiveness and consistency with your content, but if you want to do something a little differently don't be afraid to do just that. Get specific with what it is you want to create, with who it is you want to create for, and don't feel any pressure to just fit into the boxes that already exist. Maybe you'll bring something super exciting to the table for an already established niche, or maybe you're going to reinvent the wheel and create something we haven't really seen before; whatever you do, just make sure it feeds your creativity and that it's a topic area you really want to commit to. 

Build a manifesto Once you figure out your niche, the topics you're going to cover, and who it is you're writing for, the next step is to pinpoint your purpose and build a manifesto. I've written in more depth about Finding Your Blogging Purpose & Building A Manifesto which may be useful for you, and although a manifesto may sound a little serious and intense, it's a great way to sum up what your blog is about and who it exists for. A manifesto can help you pinpoint your focus and how you can stand out in your niche, and will be a great jumping off point to really bring something new and exciting to the table. 

I'd love to know how you define your blogging niche?

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