10 Little Reminders For Bloggers & Creatives

Sometimes I can feel a little overwhelmed by the pressure I put on myself, and by the comparison trap that we all can find ourselves in from time to time and the best cure for me will always be a little perspective. Whether you're feeling a little creatively drained, or in need of some motivation and encouragement along the way, today I'm sharing ten awesome posts from some of my favourite people around the web (and a couple from me) as little reminders and words of wisdom to hopefully inspire you like they did me:

Megan on Avoiding The Tidal Wave

Breanna on Kick Those Excuses To The Curb

Corina on Staying True

Cassie on Knowing When To Loosen Your Grip

Braid Creative on It's Okay To Start Small

Kory on Keep Going, You're Almost There

Amber on Be A Voice, Not An Echo

Rachel on Being Fearless + Going After What You Want

and me on Inspire Yourself First

and Don't Let The Struggle Hold You Back

When you're in need of some perspective, where do you turn?

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