Five Goals For 2015

The end of 2014 is finally upon us, and like everyone else I've been planning ahead for 2015 and making some personal and work related goals for the new year. 2014 has been a great year for me, even with its highs and lows I've learned so much and I feel like I'm ready to take on whatever 2015 sends my way - I spoke more about what I learned this past year here. I've been working on some super secret behind the scenes projects these past few months and I'm really excited to share a little more about them with you today. So for my last post of the year, here are five goals that are guiding me as I step into a brand new year:

Release my first digital product: I’ve mentioned over the past few months that I’ve been working on something super secret behind the scenes and it’s almost very ready for launch. It’s a 200+ page digital workbook for bloggers and I’ve poured a whole lot of time and energy into making it happen and I really can’t wait to share it with you guys. My biggest goal these past few months has been getting it ready to launch, and heading into January I'm so excited to finalise everything and share it with you. Look out for some sneak peaks and behind the scenes coming soon! 

Launch my new freelance consultancy services: Another side project I've been working on - finally launching my consultancy services for bloggers and creatives. I've mentioned before how I work on freelance consultancy and content strategy projects, and for a while now I've wanted to develop an online presence for my work and package it in a way that works for myself and my clients. This has been the year where I've really discovered what the work is that I want to be doing and that I want to be doing it for fellow creatives and bloggers and I'm taking a huge leap in 2015 to really building a freelance career for myself that I love. I'm super excited to take on this new adventure and really pursue the work I want to be doing, and I can't wait to take you guys with me on this journey and share everything I learn along the way. 

Go on an interrailing adventure: Alex and I haven't been travelling together in over two years now and we're itching for a little adventure. Top of our to-do list for years has been to explore Europe together on an interrailing adventure and we both have our heart set on saving up for a trip later this year. We live on a pretty tight budget anyway, but to make this happen I think we're both going to commit on cutting back on any unnecessary spending and instead saving up for awesome experiences together. 

Take ALO into its next chapter: One of my favourite things of 2014 was launching ALO alongside one of my favourite ever humans Rebecca. It was a big leap into the unknown for both of us and neither of us can believe how far ALO has come in just a short 8 months and I can't tell you how crazy proud I am of our magazine and team for creating it together. Rebecca and I have so many plans and ideas we want to play around with and I'm super excited to take ALO into it's next chapter together next year. 

Look after myself: I started 2014 completely broken from a mental health breakdown, and I spent the majority of the year fighting my way back to feeling human again. I'm finally in a healthy place where I feel like I can fully function and engage with my life and even though living with a mental health illness is exhausting somedays, I finally feel able to start living fully alongside it. I'm in therapy - which was a huge leap for me - and really exploring personally how I want to live my life and promote my own wellbeing. In 2015 I want to continue to look after myself every step of the way, and live fully alongside my illness without it holding me back. 

What about you, I'd love to know your biggest goals for 2015?

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