10 Posts I've Loved Reading In December

A brand new year is just a few days away and I couldn't let 2014 come and go without sharing my favourite blog posts from December. Even though traditionally this is the month where things start to get a little quiet online, I've still stumbled across and enjoyed so many awesome and insightful posts that I'm super excited to share with you all today:

Rachel on The 2015 Manifesto: Live Your Best and Most Intentional Year Yet

Braid Creative on It's Okay to Start Small

Mariah on The Only Metric You Should Be Paying Attention To In Your Business

The Middle Finger Project on Million Things To Do? Prioritise By ROI And Then Get A Life

Molly's awesome recipe + photos for A Gingerbread Farm

Robin on The Truth About Freelance Writing

Grace on her Blogging Criteria

Lauren on 4 Productive Insights on Comparison and Competition

Into Mind's 50 Questions To Help You Reflect, Appreciate and Get Excited For 2015

Corina on Practice Makes Perfect

What have been your favourite reads this month?

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