November's Awesome Sidebar Advertisers

So I'm a little late putting this one together but I'm so excited to share with you guys the awesome advertisers who were on the Jennypurr sidebar in November. From awesome blogs to online shops, there's something for everyone and I really recommend clicking through and getting to know these guys as they're creating some seriously awesome content and products that I think you will love.

Abracadabra Girl

You will have got to know Kara a little better in her recent Spotlight Interview, and if you haven't checked out her awesome blog already I'm sure you will love it. A beauty therapist and makeup artist based in London, she shares beauty advice, reviews, and snippets of her life alongside awesome photography as well! You can keep up with her on Twitter, Bloglovin, and Instagram

The Beauty Collection

Ash is 19 and based in Melbourne, Australia, and her blog shares her love for all things beauty. With reviews, round-ups, and a super clean and minimal blog layout - it's the perfect read for beauty lovers. 

Links: Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter

Elin Likes

Elîn is 20 years old and lives in Iceland and her blog is a beautiful online space full of awesome beauty content and snippets of her life. I love her photography and approach to all things beauty and I think she's running a really awesome online space over there.

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

Fox and Star

You guys probably know by now how much I adore Fox and Star, and if you're on the hunt for the perfect christmas present for any stationery lovers then Fox and Star is the place to go. If you're a fool for notebooks, washi tape, and desk stationery I'd really recommend heading over for a browse!

Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

The What Now Blog

Louise's blog is an awesome space for motivational career tips and advice and snippets into her day to day life. With an awesome mix of interesting and varied topics, I think The What Now Blog is a really awesome online space for fellow 20-somethings and older!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook

Mrs D Loves

Amanda is based in Surrey and her blog is all about her love for all things makeup and skincare. With super relatable beauty content with some lifestyle pieces in the mix as well, it's the perfect place to go for honest thoughts and advice on all things beauty.

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

Nine Grand Student

Chloe-Ellen is currently an undergrad at Kent University and her awesome blog documents her highs and lows of life as a student. Sharing snippets of her life, advice for fellow students, and an awesome mix of lifestyle content, I think any fellow students will really love this blog!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook

What I Love Today

Carrie's blog is one I've been keeping p with for a while now and she's one of the nicest people out there in the blogging world. An awesome mix of beauty and lifestyle content - it's the perfect place for honest reviews and relatable beauty posts!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

Emily and Dot

Emily is based in Memphis and her blog shares a little bit of everything, including fashion, beauty, inspiration, and general life updates. Her content is engaging and varied and I think you'll really enjoy browsing through her posts!

Links: Bloglovin, Instagram, Pinterest

Hello Freckles

You may remember Tasha from her Spotlight Interview a few months back here. She's an awesome lifestyle blogger and shares fashion and beauty posts as well and she recently won the Best Lifestyle Blog award in the NE Blogger Awards which is awesome and I definitely recommend heading over for a read!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

Two A Beautiful Life

Two A Beautiful Life is run by two best friends and I really love how fun their blog and content is. With super varied posts ranging from recipes, to advice, to snippets of their life; I think you guys will really enjoy their awesome online space!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

Giare di Luce

Gra's blog is awesome as it's written in both English and Italian. An awesome mix of relatable beauty content, it's a perfect read for any fellow beauty lovers. 

Links: Bloglovin, Instagram, Facebook

Andrea Bonelli

Andrea Bonelli Jewelry is an awesome eco friendly online shop with a beautiful range of 14k gold and silver handmade items. With a wedding range, and everything from necklaces, bracelets, and rings; if you're a fool for jewellery then this is the perfect shop for you. 

Links: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Lilac Ghosts

I really love Cat's blog, it's such a beautiful online space with an awesome mix of content and I really feel like she's saying something awesome with the content she's putting out there. She's also doing Vlogmas at the moment over on YouTube so make sure you catch up with her latest videos!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

Oddly Lovely

I've really been enjoying keeping up with Cat's blog lately as she's been sharing some super interesting content. A lifestyle blogger based in California, I love how varied and interesting her posts are and I think you guys will really, really, love her blog!

Links: Bloglovin, Instagram, Twitter

All Things Beautiful

Beth is such a friendly and awesome face in the blogging world and I really love how passionate she is about blogging and her own online space. An awesome mix of beauty and lifestyle content, it's an awesome and varied read.

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook

Diva In Me

A fashion and lifestyle blog from Yen, Diva In Me is a super fun and positive online space sharing outfits and snippets of Yen's life. I love her feminine and chic style and for any fashion lovers you will probably really love this blog!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

Chambray & Curls

Laura's awesome blog is such a fun and interesting read and I think you guys will really enjoy her online space. A 25 year old freelance stylist based in Manchester. her blog is an awesome mix of fashion and lifestyle content and I really love her photography as well!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook

Owl & Moon

Handpicked jewellery from around the world, Owl & Moon stocks beautiful gemstone pieces for divination and wellbeing. You can browse their site to see the awesome pieces they have available as they have a range of necklaces, rings, and crystals in their shop.

Links: Twitter

Play on Palms

Shelley's lifestyle blog is an awesome space where she shares her creativity and love for all things beauty, photography, and travel. Her photos are beautiful and I love how clean and minimal her design is - a must read in my opinion!

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Pinterest

Mandy Leigh

Mandy's blog is an awesome mix of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle and she's a seriously friendly and supportive blogger within the online community and her blog is such a positive space to visit and read! Based in the Midwest, she also has an awesome YouTube channel as well.

Link: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

And not forgetting...

Krysti Encounters A beauty and lifestyle blog from Krysti - you can keep up with her on Twitter and Bloglovin

Sweet Words Pretty Pictures A lifestyle blog from Amber - keep up with her on Twitter and Bloglovin

Kassiella A lifestyle, beauty, and fashion blog from Kassi - keep up on Twitter and Bloglovin.

Pull Down The Moon A lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog from Sandra - you can keep up to date through Bloglovin and Twitter

Brenda BusyBee A beauty and lifestyle blog from Brenda - keep up on Bloglovin and Twitter.  

Hope you enjoy these awesome blogs!