10 Awesome Resources for Marketing Your Blog or Small Business

Self promotion and marketing myself is probably the biggest area where I struggle when it comes to running my own business - even with this little blog I've never felt all that comfortable having a marketing strategy in place. With some new business ventures coming in early 2015, I've been spending some time researching some of the best marketing advice around, and whether you're a blogger or small creative business owner I wanted to share today ten of the best resources I've found: 

Buffer's How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch

Braid Creative on Personal Branding

Marie Forleo's awesome videos - especially her playlists here and here

Entrepreneur on Digital Marketing

The Fresh Exchange on SEO for Bloggers

and Megan's Circle's talk on It's Not All Business

The Every Girl on 10 Ways to Market Your New Blog or Website

Regina's Blog Business Plan

Shauna on 10 Things To Include In Your Media Kit and Why Every Small Business Needs One

Mariah on How To Write Copy That Sells

Where do you turn to for marketing advice?


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