Behind The Scenes: November

November is finally here, which I'm super excited about as there are lots of things I'm looking forward to this month. I'm having so much fun with this blog at the moment and I'm really enjoying the content I'm creating for this space, but I realised I haven't really shared anything about my life or things happening behind the scenes so I thought it was about time for a little update. 

Working on: My workload is pretty intense at the moment, but I'm not complaining as I really do love my job. I'm currently working with a filmmaking collective doing some creative consultancy which is really exciting - I can't wait to share with you guys the finished project hopefully come the new year. I'm also working on something super secret for this blog that will be announced in January - it's something I'm super passionate about and fingers crossed you guys will be excited about it too. Alongside that I'm still busy running ALO alongside Rebecca which I love doing every day, and then of course looking after this little space as well. It's all a juggling act at the moment and finding ways to fit everything in - but I'm enjoying the challenge!

Excited for: So alongside being super excited about the projects I'm working on, I also have a little trip to London with Alex planned for later this month which we both can't wait for. It's a trip to celebrate Alex's birthday, which will be extra special as we're going to the first UK screening of a short film he's scored and I'm crazy proud of him and can't wait to see it on the big screen. Alongside catching up with friends, what we're most excited for is fitting in as many restaurants and coffee shops as possible, so any London folk I'd love to hear your recommendations?

Watching: We're completely hooked on The West Wing at the moment - I know we're super late to the party seeing as it's from the early 2000's but it is seriously good television. We also have a big list of films we want to see this month in the cinema, including Interstellar, The Imitation Game, Nightcrawler, and of course The Hunger Games

Reading: I've made a big effort lately to make sure I'm reading more - it's without a doubt my favourite pastime but life and work tend to just always get in the way. I'm currently reading Us by David Nicholls and It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden. I'd love to know what you're reading at the moment and any recommendations you have?

Downtime: In between work, Netflix binges, and losing myself in a good book, I've been trying to fill my downtime with fun days out and time with friends. We explored the Museum of Science and Industry the other day which was super fun, and next on our list is to explore The Sensory War exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery. Whenever we're not working we've been catching up with friends, making festive plans, spending time together, and dreaming big about the future. 

How about you, what's your November looking like?


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