Introducing // Kara from Abracadabra Girl

If you're a beauty lover, today's interview with Kara from Abracadabra Girl is just for you. A makeup artist and beauty therapist based in London, you may recognise her from this months sidebar and I caught up with her recently to find out a little more about the girl behind the blog:

Tell us a little about the girl behind the blog?

I'm a Makeup Artist, Beauty Therapist, and Reiki Master originally from Yorkshire but now living in London, which I love. I've worked within the beauty industry for over 15 years since starting out as a nail technician where I worked, learned and absorbed every bit of knowledge available to me. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing actors, presenters, musicians and models on some amazing campaigns around the world. Now being a mum (to a crazy gorgeous toddler) I decided I missed it all too much and started Abracadabra Girl in March 2014 as a place to express my love of writing and beauty addiction. 

How would you describe your blog?

A mixture of beauty products & reviews, fresh food recipes and a sprinkle of London lifestyle!

What's your favourite thing about running Abracadabra Girl?

Imagining a concept in your mind then finally seeing that idea through to completion - I love the whole creative process. Definitely being able to pass along knowledge and advice I've learned throughout my career and writing an article that has really helped or inspired someone - it cant get much better than that can it?

What inspires you and how do you tap into your creativity?

So many things - it can be something I see online, the colour of a pair of shoes on someone walking by or maybe issues people seem genuinely concerned by and nature. Maybe it's living in London but if I ever get a bit stuck a break surrounded by nature usually fixes all.

What are your top three favourite blog posts you've created so far?

My top three have to be:


What does the future have in store for Abracadabra Girl? 

With more time free in the near future, that should equal more quality content (well thats the plan at least) hopefully following what you guys the readers want to see more of and trying to spread a bit of blogging love. Oh and starting on a book idea I have (I tend to put off things that are a bit scary). But I've said it so it's out there now and in the words of Jen "Build an action plan and work towards those goals"

Make sure you guys check out Kara's blog!