On The Sidebar // October

October brought with it an awesome bunch of sidebar advertisers, and there are so many blogs and small businesses I'm excited to be introducing you guys to today. From lifestyle to beauty and everything in between, be prepared to fill your Bloglovin feed with a bunch of new favourites...

Jessica was Octobers Spotlight Advertiser and you can get to know her better in her Spotlight Post. She's an awesome beauty and lifestyle blogger and her blog is full of reviews and insights into her everyday life as well. A trainee solicitor based just outside of Manchester, her blog is a super relatable read for any beauty lovers.

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A UK based Creative Writing student, Imogen writes about books, beauty, and all things lifestyle. Her book roundups and reviews are great for any book lovers, and I love that her blog is a little different and that she's doing her own thing. 

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Suffolk based Lauren is a 20-something wife and mother and her space is a lifestyle and mummy blog where she shares insights into her life, her experience as a mother and wife, mental health, and super helpful and interesting advice posts as well.

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You guys may remember Liv from my first ever Spotlight Advertiser and her blog is still an awesome online space sharing thoughts on beauty, life, and photography. With an abundance of product reviews and snippets of her life, it's a great read for anyone who loves beauty and lifestyle blogs.

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A beauty and lifestyle blog from Anna, a UK based student, her online space is full of awesome beauty content and snippets of Anna's life. Her photography is great, her content varied, and you can catch her on Youtube as well!

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Never Spent is a simple handmade jewellery store from Steph Lloyd, where she also accepts custom orders as well. Super simple and pretty jewellery pieces, it's perfect for anyone who likes to support small businesses and is a fool for accessories.

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You may recognise Laura's blog from last months roundup, and her online space is just as great as ever. With super interesting beauty concepts, and awesome photography as well, Laura's blog is the perfect place for any other beauty lovers!

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Laura's blog is great - it's full of interesting, fun, and relatable content and I love how varied her content is as well. A lifestyle blog with a mix of everything, as a recent student Camis & Cushions is the perfect blog for any other undergrads looking for someone sharing similar experiences!

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Carina's blog is another familiar face and if you're a beauty lover I think you will love her blog. With a super sleek and minimal layout, awesome photographs, and a great varied mix of content, her blog is great!

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Lashem are an online beauty shop for all things brows and lashes, and they dedicate their brand to promoting natural beauty. They're super kindly offering all Jennypurr readers 25% off all purchases with the code jenny25 so make sure you check out their site to see if there's anything for you.

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Another familiar face, Gabriella's blog is great. A beauty blog full of reviews, how to's, tips, and lifestyle posts thrown in as well - her layout is super minimal and easy to browse which I love. A must read for any beauty lovers!

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I love Carrie's blog - she's super friendly and you can really tell how passionate she is about the things she's writing about. A beauty and lifestyle blog from Carrie, a makeup artist, you can expect product reviews, lifestyle roundups, and beauty tips and tricks as well. 

Links: Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram

I was so happy to have stumbled across Louise's blog as it's an awesome resource of positive thinking and career and lifestyle advice. Perfect for any 20-somethings trying to find their way in life, personally I think it's a must read!

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Shelley's blog is awesome. With a mix of beauty and lifestyle content, I love her photography and awesome mix of different posts and her reflective lifestyle content as well. With a super minimal and easy to browse web design - I think you guys will really like this blog!

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Fox and Star are an awesome online stationery store, selling washi tapes, planners, notebooks and more. Perfect for any other stationery lovers, there's so many awesome products available and it's super affordable as well!

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Gra's blog is in both Italian and English - which is awesome - and shares her love of beauty. With products reviews, thoughts on all things beauty, and swatches galore - make sure you check it out if you're a beauty lover too.

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Cat's blog is another familiar face and if you're not a reader of her blog already you're seriously missing out. I love her varied mix of content, awesome photography, and how she maintains such a high standard every time she posts. And she's also on YouTube!

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And not forgetting this months Basic Advertisers...

Amy Eloise

The Workette

The Prosecco Diaries

Ladylike Len

Miel Cafe

Brenda BusyBee

Hope you find some new favourite reads!