If You're A Blogger, You Should Read...

There's so much blogging advice out there these days that it's not hard to feel a little overwhelmed and confused as to which way to turn. Blogging as a creative industry is something I'm crazy passionate about and I'm forever reading the awesome advice my favourite content creators are sharing. If you're looking for some awesome blogging related content, I thought today I'd round up a few of my favourite posts...

Regina on How To Create A Style Guide For Your Blog Or Brand

Angel on Prioritising As A Blogger

Joy on The Changing Business Of A Blog

Lauren on 4 Things I Wish I Had Known When I First Started Blogging

Braid on How To Deal With The Fear Of Blogging

Amber on Growing Your Blog Versus Gaining A Following

Bethany on Knowing Your Limits and again on Blogging For Your Friends, Not Your Critics

Kat on How To Blog When You Just Don't Feel Like It

Corina on Why You Blog

Melyssa on her Number One Tip For Writing Better Blog Posts and again on 13 Ways To Drive Traffic To Old Blog Posts

Hope you enjoy these!


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