Six Awesome Online Resources For Better Blog Visuals

There are so many talented photographers and designers out there in the online community creating awesome visuals for their blogs - Rebecca, Corina, and Megan are just some of my favourites. If like me though you're not all that confident when it comes to the visual side of content creation, I wanted to share some awesome web tools and online resources that can help you find your feet and create visual content you can be proud of. 


Fotor is something I use on a weekly basis to make collages - both for ALO content and here. It's an awesome, free to use, web tool where you can edit photos, create collages, and make graphics for your content as well. Super easy and fuss free to use, if you don't have photoshop or are struggling to get to grips with it, Fotor is great for basic editing tools. 


Canva is another awesome web tool for making graphics for the web - more than just blog visuals though, you can create social media graphics as well which is awesome for those of you who use your social media channels as an extension of your brand. I personally don't use this as I tend to use Photoshop for creating blog graphics, however I have played around with it and I think it's an awesome tool that I would for sure use in the future. 

Design Seeds

For when you're designing your website and choosing a colour palette, or putting together graphics for your content, understanding colour is of course super important. Design Seeds is an awesome site to discover colour palettes for when you're creating visuals for your blog, and they break it down into super handy categories and themes for when you're creating specific visuals. 

Death To The Stock Photo

I don't personally use stock photos over here, but I know a lot of awesome bloggers who do and when done right I think it's an awesome way to create strong visuals for your blog. Death To The Stock Photo is an awesome project from Allison and her friend David who aim to help fellow creatives create stronger content thanks to the awesome photo packs they send out via email every month. There is also a premium package, and I couldn't recommend enough checking them out as I think it's awesome what they're doing over there.

Tips & Tricks

So of course there is an abundance of advice out there when it comes to photography and design, and the wise words so many talented creatives are sharing online is well worth reading if you're looking to improve your blog visuals. Some of the best posts I've read are:

Classes & Courses

If you're really serious about stepping up your visual game, whether it's photography or design, there are so many awesome classes and courses out there available to help you really master your craft. Some awesome ones I've seen online are:

Do you have any favourite websites, resources, and tools you would add to this list?


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