10 Posts I've Loved Reading In October

I can't believe October is almost coming to an end, though I am excited to enjoy the rest of the year and see what it has to bring. I've shared lots of online favourite this month including 10 Awesome Creative Blogs You Should Read and Seven Awesome Blogs I've Stumbled Across Recently and today I wanted to share 10 posts I've loved reading this past month - hope you enjoy them too!

Rachel on 34 Lessons Learned in Life and Love

Breanna on Streamlining Your Process

Taylor from The Fresh Exchange on 5 Tips for a Healthy Work Life At Home

Corina on Managing Your Schedule

Melyssa on What I've Learned After One Year Of Running My Own Business

Amber on Growing Your Blog Versus Gaining A Following

Regina on How To Turn Down Freelance Clients In A Classy and Profitable Way

Rocio on A Few Thoughts On Determination and Dedication

Angel on The Twenty Something Entrepreneur 

Braid on The Work/Life Energy Drain

I'd love to know your favourite posts from the past month?


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