Evenings Are For Inspiration Too

Last week I shared a piece called Mornings Are For Inspiration where I rounded up my favourite Instagram accounts and blogs to browse in the morning first thing. Today I thought I'd share what I like to consume come evening, as my favourite ways to wind down come the end of the day is to read my favourite websites, watch my favourite shows, and lose myself in a good book or two...


I love losing myself in a good book come evening, and I forever have a pile on my desk waiting to be read. I have a penchant for both fiction and non fiction, and I've also been known to just browse a cookbook for a good half hour or so. There's something about being surrounded by words that just makes me very happy and I try and make time to read every night. I thought I'd share a few of my recent favourites just in case you were looking for something new:

Netflix & TV Shows

Oh Netflix, my nights would be lost without you. I can't tell you how many TV shows Alex and I have binged watched together, and there are a few we get excited to catch up with every week when a new episode airs. I've shared a few shows worth watching on ALO before here and here, but the following six are my favourites:

Websites & Blogs

I've shared my favourite daily reads many a times on this blog, but come the evening is when I like to visit my favourite websites and blogs that usually teach me something or spark new ideas. Usually when I'm full of freelancing or blogging questions, or when I just want to immerse myself in the awesome insights some of my favourite creatives are sharing, these are my must reads:


I've recently fallen a little in love with Pinterest - you can follow me and browse my boards here - as it's an awesome place to find inspiration and things from around the web. I shared a while back on ALO Awesome Pinterest Boards You Should Follow, but the following six are my favourites to keep up with:

What about you, what do you like to do come evening?


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