Seven Awesome Blogs I've Stumbled Across Recently

Okay, I know it was only last weekend I shared 10 Awesome Creative Blogs You Should Read but these past few weeks I’ve stumbled across so many awesome blogs that I just had to share some of them with you guys today. 

Earl Grey

Jennifer's blog is an awesome crafty design and lifestyle space, full of craft inspiration, resources for bloggers, snippets of her life, and I'm a little in love with her blog design as well. Based in Portland, Oregon, she runs a super inspiring space and I'm so happy I stumbled across her blog.

Posts you should read: Resources for Bloggers, For Breakfast, It If Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It

Ember & March

As soon as I stumbled upon Amber's blog, I fell in love immediately. With awesome content on blogging, design, and positive living, there's so much awesome content to lose yourself in over on her blog. I personally really love her posts on blogging - a must read in my opinion!

Posts you should read: How To Manage Being Very Busy, Growing Your Blog Versus Growing A Following, The Five Minute Disconnect

Jessica Says

Jessica is an awesome, awesome, person. Her blog is crazy awesome and full of exciting, interesting, and useful content. After recently rebranding her blog, Jessica Says is full of awesome advice and tips on self love, careers, and living a happy and well rounded life and I'm so excited to see what's next to come for her and her online space. 

Posts you should read: How To Build Your Ideal AM Routine, Relaunch: Your (free) Ultimate Stress Free Guide, What To Do When You're Feeling Full Of Rage 

June Letters

The design and lifestyle blog of Jess Levitz, a San Francisco based designer, her blog is full of awesome inspiration and insights for freelancers and creatives. Her Freelance Wisdom series is awesome to scroll through and I think her blog is one you guys will really love!

Posts you should read: Freelance Wisdom: Cassie Pyle of Veda House, Tutorial: Create A Watercolour Effect Vector Logo, Freelance Wisdom: Corina Nika

Meredith C. Bullock

Meredith is an artist and entrepreneur and her blog documents and shares her journey as her life as a working creative. Her content is so open, supportive, and insightful for any other creatives and I love how varied her posts are. You'll probably spend a good hour reading through her archives like I did!

Posts you should read: 4 Steps To Living The Life Of Your Dreams, From Fear To Courage, Live On The Edge


Rachel's blog is an awesome creative online space and is full of inspiring lifestyle, blogging, and well-being content. A freelance digital strategist based in Sydney, Australia, her space is perfect for any creatives and dreamers who want to embrace change and personal growth. She also has some super interesting interviews with other creatives which are great reads!

Posts you should read: 6 Daily Habits For Success, How to Give Fear The Flick For Good, Dream Big: 3 Actionable Steps To Living Your Best Life

What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today

I'm a fool for food blogs, and What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today has fast become one of my favourites. An online ode to breakfast, from sweet to savoury and everything in between, the food photography is just perfect and the wide range of awesome recipes will inspire you to make the most out of the first meal of the day.

Posts you should read: Pancakes with Mascarpone and Fruits, Avocado Toast with Goat Cheese and Tomato, Healthy Quinoa Bars

What blogs have you been enjoying lately?


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